Monday, August 27, 2012

16 Months

OMG I'm having a hard time keeping up with blogging!  Better late than never right?  The months just go by so quickly, he turned 16 months on 8/18.  Let's see, what's new with my little guy...

Ry is now ~24 lbs and I'm pretty sure his second molars are coming through as well.  That kid has a mouth full of shark teeth!  No canine teeth yet.

He loves looking for belly buttons.  If you ask him "where's your belly button" he quickly pull up his shirt and search for it.  He also loves finding mommy's belly button. There's been times it's the only way I can get him to come inside.  "Where's mommy's belly button?"  Next thing I know the little squirt is chasing after me and won't stop until he's pulled up my shirt and pokes my belly button.

Ry surprised us a couple weeks by showing us that he knows his body parts!

  • "Show us your pretty eyes" - Ry blinks
  • "Where's your lips?" - Smacks his lips
  • "Show us your smile!" - picture cheesy Elvis grin and squinty eyes
  • "Where's your hands?" - waves his hands around (jazz hands??)
He'll also point to his teeth, tongue, hair, ears, eyes and nose.  It's the cutest thing!  When we have friends and family over I feel like I'm showing him off by making him do tricks.  Either way it's super cute and I couldn't be prouder.

Our little man is definitely discovering his tongue.  We can see him rolling it around in his mouth making really cute garbled sounds as he tries to say more things.  This kid is gonna be a chatter box I just know it!  Ry's become quite the mimic, he repeats most things we say.

  • "No, no no!"  While pointing his finger!
  • "chomp chomp"  In regards to his shark shirt
  • Juju
  • Nana
  • Pa-pa (as in Opa)
  • cheese
  • bye-bye
  • juice
  • uh oh - says this when he drops something
  • gone gone - when his food is gone
If you ask him "Where'd it go?", he will shrug with his hands facing palm up and look around, his way of telling us 'I don't know'.

Ry loves playing with our dogs Sarah and Josie.  He's constantly following them around, laying next to them on the dog bed and even tries to ride them!  Sarah and Josie are very good with Ry - handling pretty much everything he dishes out to them and walking away when they've had enough.  One thing Ry has picked up from the dogs is answering the door.  He knows that when the dogs start barking and running towards the front door that someone has arrived.  Ry's eyes become enormous with exhilaration as he exclaims 'oh oh oh', hands in the air while running towards the door and occasionally trying to bark.  Nothing but excitement over at our house!

This past month has been super busy.  Check out the photos below from all our adventures.
Ry's 1st RR Express game - They gave him a ball! 7/27/2012

nom nom nom


*fist pump*

splash park fun 7/28/2012

cups, a great water toy!

too much fun = one tired boy! 7/29/2012

Dinner at Verona 7/29/2012

play date with Cora 7/29/2012

Cheese! 8/3/2012

brush brush brush

Monster Jam 8/4/2012

Thanks to the Mills for a great time!  Can you tell it was really loud??

Ry loved monster jam, although it was a bit loud, hence the ear plugs

Luv me some watermelon with cousin Blake and Nana 8/5/2012

Monkeys!  Austin Zoo 8/11/2012

Tigers oh my!

Which one frightens you more?

Opa and Juju strolling through the zoo

Big bro, little bro

feeling ducky

Hey hey we're the monkeys!

Ry's man cave 8/18/2012 
He loves playing under the table and will rearrange all the chairs.

Wild Animals 8/19/2012
Another of Ry's favorite hangouts

Watch out! 8/20/2012
Let's get mommy all wet!

water fun 8/20/2012