Friday, February 24, 2012

10 Months

10 Months Young 2/18/2012
Not in a picture taking mood
KAPOW - Take that giraffe!

Noooooo!  I don't wanna!

As you can see Ry was NOT in a picture taking mood this time around.  He wanted to be out of that chair and exploring - no smiles for mommy and her camera.  :P  Ryland is quite the busy bee and constantly on the go.  The boy can really cover some ground!  One minute he's cruising around the ottoman, next he's crawled over to the TV, then back around to the rocker, next he's tackled a dog (literally hurls himself at Josie or Sarah and crawls right over them) and then he's trying to climb the stairs!  Whew!  He still hasn't 'let go' and tried walking unassisted.  I'm guessing it'll be another month before he's 'free' of objects.

I am Innocent? 

We've got a climber!  2/1/2012

Ryland LOVES to eat.  He definitely takes after mama on this one. ;)  Ryland pretty much gave up baby food about a month ago and only wants what we're eating.  His favorite foods are mac n cheese, cheese, pizza, green beans, peas, blueberries, and chicken/turkey sticks.  Although he's pretty good about eating everything we put in front of him.  The few baby food jars he'll still eat are sweet potatoes and fruits.  And he's a whiz with the sippy cup.  Not to mention he'll drink out of a regular straw/cup when we're out at restaurants.  At daycare they brought in a new table and chairs for the little guys - and they LOVE it!  The first thing Ry does when I drop him off is go straight to the table for snack.  It's so cute how they all sit in those chairs, ankles crossed and they don't get up!  I need to get a kids table for the house.

enjoying snack with my fellow peeps - valentines party 2/14/2012

Happy Valentine's Day! 2/14/2012
Ryland is always in a good mood and only gets a little cranky when he gets hungry or tired.  He's such a good natured little guy.  Heck he even let mommy style his hair all crazy for daycare.  He has so much hair it was easy, and he won best crazy hair at school.  :)  He's also quite the chatterbox.  His new thing is to chirp like a bird, or at least that's what it sounds like to me, and it's ear piercing!  He's a total gabber and the most vocal out of all the kids at his daycare.  When he tastes a food he likes, he growls like a bear.  I take that as 'give me more'!  When he wants attention, he commands it loudly with a grunt or a yell.  Sometimes he even makes this repetitive 'ahahahaha' half laugh half cough sound when he thinks something is funny.  We have found he tends to giggle the most when you drop something (like his ball) or tickle him.  He has a sweet spot around his collar bone that gets him every time.  :)  He loves it when daddy holds him down and tickles him with his goatee. 

Crazy hair day! 2/7/2012

Alfalfa anyone?
Ry has definitely become attached to mommy and daddy.  Thankfully he does well when we drop him off at daycare.  But once we are home, he gets upset when I try to put him down or walk out of the room.  And it takes him a while to warm up to Opa, Juju and Nana when they come to visit.  But once he's warmed up he's super cuddly, friendly, and talkative.  Occasionally he'll even give you a kiss (beware, it's open mouth)! 
The only way to nap 2/4/2012

Here's a couple videos for your enjoyment.  Taken 2/14/2012
The first one is of Ry eating his snack at day care, and if you listen closely you can hear him saying ma ma ma.  :)
The 2nd video is of him 'walking' with his walk n ride. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

9 Month Photo Session

Check out Ryland's 9 month photo debut!  Jennifer from Luxe Photography always captures such beautiful, sweet photos of our little one.  These pictures were taken around our neighborhood.  There was a slight wind that morning, but overall it was a gorgeous day in January.


love his little smirk