Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st checkup

Friday I had my first pregnancy checkup.  The appointment took a good 2 hours to go through everything - exam, information, giving blood and ultrasound.  I've never given so many vials of blood before!  8 vials total.  The most exciting and last part of my visit was the ultrasound.  I had to chug water for 30 mins because apparently you need a full bladder for the exam and since I had given two urine samples earlier I needed to replenish.  I must say the experience seemed so surreal.  I was just in awe when I finally saw our baby up on the monitor.  I could even see the tiny flicker of light that is the heart beat.  I was so caught up in the image that it took me a second to process what the Dr had been saying.  He confirmed there was only one baby.  Holy Moly!!  Twins hadn't even crossed my mind, even though they do run on both sides of our family.  I had a slight moment of anxiety and then relaxed when I remembered there was only one baby.  The Dr told me everything looked great and that I'm running right on schedule with my dates (7 weeks along).  Then he handed me 2 sonogram pictures and sent me on my way.  I was so glad it was Friday, I was bursting with excitement to show Malek the pictures!  We met up for lunch at Chuy's and marveled over our little rascal.  Later that evening we told our families the wonderful news.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I think the cravings have started.  No strange food combinations yet (like pickles and ice cream for example), just sudden overwhelming urges to eat random goods.  Of course the question is...are these pregnancy cravings or Typical Tina cravings?  :)

The other day at work a co-worker of mine told me what cakes she was baking for her kids birthdays...and all of a sudden I just HAD TO HAVE CAKE!  I wasn't even hungry, but the feeling stayed with me 3+ hours until I went to grocery store to buy the coveted item.  At first I was going to buy a mix and make it when I got home, but noooooo, I realized I wanted immediate satisfaction.  So pre-made sample cake slices were bought (German Choc cake and Fudge Choc cake).  I ended up eating half of one on the way home in the car with a plastic spoon.  At least I didn't use my fingers...

The next day I needed to buy some AAA batteries for my mp3 player, so back to the store I go.  I really should learn not to make direct eye contact with food.  I hadn't even past the bakery area when I saw a box of crackers.  For some unexplainable reason I just HAD TO HAVE TEDDY GRAHAMS!  So off I went in search of my next unnecessary food item on the cracker aisle.  And just like the cake, I ate handfuls of helpless little teddy bears (honey flavored) on the way home in the car.  :-S

Newest craving?  I think it's Red Vines.  I've been craving red liquorice for 2 days now, but have yet to find them (no go at HEB).  I'll try Wal-Mart next.  And no, Twizzlers will not do, it has to be Red Vines! 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr. Miyagi

There is this statue that floats between the women in my organization at work. I’m not exactly sure how it all started or who brought it in, but it acquired a reputation very quickly. Every woman who has had this statue in her cube has become pregnant! This ‘fertility god’ has been nicknamed Mr. Miyagi and has been the subject of many conversations. Lo and behold, when I return from my honeymoon in April, I found this guy squatting in my cube! Someone had even taken the time to draw stick pictures of babies on my whiteboard. This ‘charm’ had been passed onto me, and I was ready to take on the challenge. I rearranged my cube several times just to find the ‘right’ place for it to occupy. Making sure I could see it every day as I worked and rubbing its bald head for luck. I even hand carried it to my new cube when I switched buildings. I did have a couple of guys ask me what was up with the statue…it made for some awkward explanations and I would end up blurting out the reason in a straight forward manner versus concocting some glamorous story. Yea, I’m witty like that.

It appears Mr. Miyagi’s reputation remains intact. :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visited by 3 Dwarfs

Since finding out I was pregnant I’ve been able to look back and recognize some of the signs. It was really the week leading up to taking the test that I realized I had been visited by some Dwarfs.

Sleepy – lately I’ve been more tired than normal, even going to bed before 10pm and wanting naps. Though wanting naps is not unusual ;-).

Grumpy –I seemed to become easily frustrated over the tiniest things (uh oh!), and waking up feeling off and well…grumpy.

And of course, Hungry! – Wait…Hungry’s not a dwarf? Well he should be! I’ve been ravenous in the morning lately and HAVE to eat breakfast (I normally tend to skip this meal…tisk tisk I know). Lunch and dinner are about the same…though I noticed I would get hungry again around 9pm and would find myself snacking on salt and vinegar chips. Yummy! I guess an apple would probably be better for me eh?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And so it begins….

Aug 7, 2010

My friends and I have been running in the morning during the work week, and this time we decided to run Saturday morning as well. Big sacrifice for me since I normally sleep in until 9am on the weekend. My alarm rudely wakes me up at 6am, I manage to pull myself out of bed and stumble to the bathroom. As I’m about to sit down I notice a little box strategically propped up against the toilet paper. The night before I had remembered to take out a pregnancy test because I knew I wouldn’t think about it that early in the morning. I fumbled with the box for quite some time, sleep induced stupor makes for uncoordinated fingers.

Wait…what’s that? Is that a vertical line over the horizontal one???? I rub my sleep encrusted eyes; I must be seeing things… OMG! Is that a +?

The next couple minutes go something like this: rub eyes, jaw drops, eyes bug out, shock, silence….repeat.

THEN….excitement! OMG!!! I’m pregnant! How do I tell Malek? Do I wake him up? Do I let him find the test? Do I tell him after the run? From the bathroom I hear Malek get out of bed. Well now, wasn’t that good timing! I run out to the bedroom and grab him. “Come here, there’s something in the bathroom I need to show you, what do you see??” as I anxiously point to the water closet. He peers in and sees my test results. “Looks like a plus to me.” I’m smiling like crazy as he tells me congrats and gives me a kiss, then he’s off to make coffee as I run out the door to meet the girls for my run.

Mum’s the word!