Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ry's 1st loose tooth!

Ry lost his very 1st tooth in May, almost 1 month after his 6th birthday and 1 week before graduating from Kinder.  The boy was super excited to see what the tooth fairy would bring him.  Lo and behold the next morning he woke up to a $2 prize!  Ry was thrilled, and now he's got a 2nd loose bottom tooth!

1st bottom tooth is out!

With his monster tooth pillow

Tooth fairy has arrived!

Ry's Kinder Graduation

And just like that we have a 1st grader on our hands!  Ryland graduated from Kinder today (5/30/2017) with a huge smile and he earned the 'best friend' award.  The ceremony took about 45 mins to get through all 6 classes and they concluded by singing their class song "The Kindergarten Class" (to the theme of the Addams family) and the school song "Rowe Lane Rockets".  Afterwards they celebrated with a pizza party in their classrooms.  The school year flew by and just like that it's summer! :D

Quick yearly followup:  At his 6 yr checkup (in April) he measured 46 inches tall, weighed 48 lbs and is just above average (height/weight) for his age group.  Happy and healthy and ready to take on the world!

We are so proud of you Ryland!

Happy graduate!

Mrs Smith's kinder class and Ry's star on the red carpet

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ryland's 6th Birthday - Sharks!

Ryland had a Jawesome birthday party this year.  Ever since he started playing this shark game on his table he's been really into sharks: shark toys, video games, shark Lego's, shark shirts...you name it!  So we settled on a shark theme and booked Austin's Park N Pizza for the venue.  The weather this year was perfect, normally we run into rain.  It was partly cloudy, nice cool breeze, high 60's/low 70s, couldn't have asked for better weather!

The evite

Come take a
BITE out of
Ryland's 6th Birthday Party!
It's a party you can sink your teeth into!  
The party will include mini golf, rides, laser tag and arcade games.
Pizza and cake will be provided.
We have the room from 10:30-noon,
then the kids will be able to play as long as they want on all the rides/games.

Once again Pinterst has been my friend in helping me gather my thoughts for a shark themed party.  I found some awesome shark favors at Oriental Trading Co, a couple really cute cake and cupcake ideas as well as a shark balloon from Party City.   I also managed to find him a Jawsome shark shirt at a consignment event!  Couldn't believe my luck on that one, NWT too!  :)

the favors

favors and gifts
a boy and his shark toys...

For the main cake I baked a red velvet sheet cake and cut it out in the shape of a shark.  Of course then Ryland told me he wanted a killer whale cake, hence the brown/black coloring.  :)  I then made yellow cake cupcakes with tinted blue frosting and added shark lollipops to the top to make it look like a shark head or fin was on top of waves.  I think they turned out super cute!

Red velvet sheet cake and the shark I traced and cut out

trimmed and ready to be iced

Such a cute killer whale!

shark cupcakes (head and fin lollipops)

the birthday boy and his cakes

Ryland was super excited to spend the day with his friends from the hood, daycare and Kinder class.  They played laser tag, drove the go karts, tried their hands at mini golf, rode some roller coasters and enjoyed the arcade.  We made sure to book the earliest time for his party (10:30am) to give them ample time to partake in all the activities, we stayed until 2pm!

ready for cake

Happy birthday to you!

nom nom nom all the pizza


ready to race

video games

waiting for laser tag

mini golfers

strike a pose

We waited until we arrived at home to open all the presents.  Ry received some amazing gifts and dived right into playing with them and building Lego's.  We presented Ry with a new big boy bike (18") for this birthday, which he immediately wanted to test out.

 A big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated Ryland's 6th birthday with us❣

happy birthday boy

18" bike

My pinterest site contains links to all the party items:

  • Party City - Shark balloon
  • Oriental Trading - Jawsome shark lollipops, shark squirter, shark plush toys, shark tooth candy necklaces, shark favor box

Friday, December 30, 2016

Carsyn's 3 yr checkup

I'm way behind on blogging so we'll keep this short and sweet.

Carsyn had her 3 yr checkup in October.  She weighed 32 lbs (50%) and was 38.5 inches tall (83%).  She also received her flu shot, thankfully daddy took her so I got to miss all that excitement.  Car-Car is our sassy, sweet little lady.  She's crazy smart and caring, always concerned and taking care of others.  Her favorite thing to do right now is play Dr.  She'll grab her medical kit, tell you you're sick and take buggies out of your ears.

Granted I'm writing this in Dec but she's now fully potty trained!!!  She only wears a diaper at night.  Way to go Car-Car!  No more pull-ups for us.  :)  Because of this she'll be able to move up to the next class room at daycare.

Her next checkup is at 4 yrs of age.

playscape at Phil's Icehouse 10/30/2016

hayride 10/16/2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Carsyn's 3rd Birthday - Carnival Theme

We finally were able to have Carsyn's birthday at Kiddie Acres!  The weather was perfect the weekend of her party; partly cloudy with lots of sun, a cool breeze and 70 degrees.  We couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  Kiddie Acres provided the entertainment, food and goodie bags.  We brought her cake/cupcakes, table covers, a cooler of juice boxes/water and birthday plates.  When the kids arrived we gave them their tickets and let them loose on the grounds to play mini golf, ride the train and carnival rides.  Pizza was served around 5pm followed by cake and then more rides.  The kids had a blast and were thrilled with their cotton candy/balloon goodie bags.

The evite:

Hurry Hurry
Step right up and have a ball!
Rides, activities, food and more...
Popcorn, cotton candy and treats galore.
Here's your ticket, you're on your way,
Come celebrate

We will have a covered table reserved from 4pm-7pm.  Pizza will be served around 5:30pm with cake to follow.  Tickets for the rides and mini golf will be provided for the kiddos.

Happy 3rd birthday Carsyn!
Big Top Cupcake and snowcone cupcakes
I found the idea for her cakes on pinterest.  The big top was pretty easy as I already had the giant cupcake pan and only had to decorate the top.  The candles I bought from Party City and the cupcake wrappers came from Michaels.  The snowcone cupcakes were a breeze as well, all you need is 3 different colored crystal sprinkles and frosting.  You pour the sprinkles onto plates and roll one side in one color, then roll the other side in another color, and then roll the middle with the last color.  Voilà! 

Train ride

She loves ponies

Happy birthday to you!

nom nom nom

We waited until we were back home to open gifts.  Carsyn was one happy little lady.  A huge thank you to everyone that was able to join us and celebrate Carsyn's 3rd birthday! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5 and 2.5 yr checkups

April was a busy month with Ry's birthday and the littles wellness checkups.

At Ry's 5 year checkup he weighed 41.6 lbs and was 44 inches tall.  That puts him in 50th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height!  Thankfully no shots were needed this time around.  He's a super happy, healthy and smart little guy.  Ry is now ready for Kinder registration!  I can't believe how much he's grown and how grown up he can be, he's always amazing me with his genius.  <3

Carysn had her 2.5 yr checkup at the end of April.  She weighed in at 28.4 lbs and was 36.75 inches tall.  She's also in the 50 percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height!  No shots this time, her next checkup is at 3 yrs.  Car-Car is an amazingly sweet, intelligent and healthy little lady.  She's always on the go, keeping up with her big brother.  <3

camping march 2016
Easter 3/26/2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ryland's 5th Birthday Party - Godzilla!

Weather has not been our friend lately for outside birthday parties.  Originally we had planned to party at Kiddie Acres (which we had postponed from Carsyn's 2nd b-day the year before), but a series of severe thunderstorms projected for this past weekend resulted in us changing venues to Pump It Up.  So glad we made this change as it rained off and on all day, and really started pouring at 5:30 pm (right in the middle of his party).  Ry also had lately been asking to go back to Pump It Up, so the venue change worked out really well.

Playing with the Godzilla destruction pack before I used it as cake decor.
For the past several months he's really been into Godzilla.  Not sure how he discovered Godzilla, it might have been from watching YouTube on the tablet, but either way all he could talk about was Godzilla!  Since the venue covered everything (food, utensils, setup/cleanup, entertainment, goodie bags, etc) all I had to do was make the cake and cupcakes.  After some internet searching and pinterest-ing I found everything I needed to make the perfect cake.  I scored some awesome Godzilla cupcake topper rings (also made for an a great take home goodie bag item) and a Godzilla destruction pack with 3" figurines, breakable buildings and mini army vehicles for his 13x9" cake.  🎂  I also ordered him a Godzilla and King Ghidorah toy from Amazon as his gifts from us.

Loved this Godzilla cake with crumbling buildings
the cupcakes
Ryland LOVED his party.  We invited his friends from daycare, pre-K, family and our friends.  Since we changed venues last min our only option was a 5:45 pm party, a bit later than what we would have liked but worth it to avoid the rain.  The kids had a blast jumping on all the inflatables and running through the bubbles.


wind tunnel

Ry and Kingston

It's like herding cats to get all these littles to stay still for a pic!

Ry's 5th birthday party!! - 4/16/2016 
After over an hour of playing we made our way into the party room for pizza and cake.  The nice thing about this place was we could also bring in our own food and drink, so we had a veggie tray, fruit tray and meat/cheese tray as well as the pizzas.  The boys were THRILLED with Ry's Godzilla cake.  Ry was so excited that he blew the candles out before anyone could start singing happy birthday to him!

the food
Birthday Boy on his throne
Happy Birthday To You

After we finished eating Pump It Up packed everything up for us and helped load the car.  We decided to open gifts at home as we only had the venue for 2 hours.  Ry received some awesome gifts and was up past 10 pm playing with them.

 A big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated Ryland's 5th birthday with us❣

my guy

The next day we gave him our gifts and HE.WAS.ECSTATIC!  He fist pumped the air, yelled "YEAH!" and was beyond excited to get his big Godzilla.  💕

Showing Car-Car how to play Godzilla
My Pinterest site contains links to all the party items below.
Amazon - ring cupcake toppers, Godzilla and Ghidorah toys
WBshop.com - Godzilla destruction pack (used as decor on cake, and tons of fun to play with afterwards!)
Sam's Club - veggie/fruit trays, juice boxes, waters, meat/cheese tray