Friday, December 31, 2010

25 weeks

How I Look - A stranger at buybuy BABY told me that she couldn't even tell I was pregnant.  Of course my parents think my bump has gotten bigger since they've been here.  Go fig. 
How I Feel -  GREAT, except for the one day that my breathing was constricted by my too small undergarments.  This has been remedied.
Weight -   +8.5 lbs overall.  I had a Dr appointment on Thursday and the Dr said "Finally, your weight has jumped up."  The 'jump' word freaked me out a bit.  I was up 11 lbs but it seems I've lost a couple pounds since yesterday...
Symptoms -  Same as last week.  Just the normal crankiness when I start to get hungry or tired.
Cravings -  Still sweets.  Malek picked up Round Rock donuts this week and I ate 3 in one sitting!  :-/
Exercise -  Last time I worked out was Sat 12/25.  However I have been walking the dogs.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Adding more items to the baby registries!   
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - At my Dr's visit yesterday they gave me the dreaded orange drink, for the glucose-screening test, to take home.  I have to drink it for my next appointment in 3 weeks!  ~gag~
Odds and Ends - This week my mom and I went to buybuy BABY and set up the registry!  I had entirely way too much fun going through all the items and adding them to the list.  I thought this would be tiresome, daunting and annoying, but actually I really enjoyed it.  I also set up registries at Sears and Babies R Us.  I've already received the diaper bag from my Great Aunt Deanie.  I'm also definitely noticing that I tire out fairly quickly and it's getting harder and harder to bend over or get up off low chairs/couches.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I can breathe!

It's been a long time coming, but I finally had to break down and buy some new bras.  Monday I was doing OK, but on Tuesday when I got dressed I was miserable.  I just couldn't take a breath!  So mom and I headed off to Walmart to purchase those 3-pack camisole/sports bras (no way was I gonna spend a lot of money on bras that I'd only wear for a short amount of time). 

Ahhhhh relief!  I felt so much better after putting one of them on.  I went up 2 sizes!!!  :-/  I hope they last for a while.  Now I'm a bit worried my normal bras will be all stretched out...luckily I have some VS gift cards from my bachelorette party to use towards some new lingerie (a few months after baby is born of course)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Baby has a name!

We have decided on a name!  We've been trying it out for a few weeks at home just to make sure we liked it.  This week we decided to share the name with family and friends.  Good timing and all since it is the Holidays and my entire immediate family is here this Christmas.  The name of Baby Malek is (drum roll...):

Ryland Carter Malek!!!

The moment I heard/saw this name I fell in love.  Surprisingly enough Malek liked it too!  We finally had a name that we both agreed on.  I had a lot of criteria for the perfect name.  We wanted a name that was masculine, strong, could have a nickname (Ry, Rylie), professional, sounds attractive and wasn't popular (I couldn't even find a Christmas ornament with his name).  Ryland was the one!  The middle name, Carter, is a family name on my mom's side and (for me) met the criteria as well.  :D  Win-win situation!

24 weeks - Merry Christmas Eve!

How I Look - The baby bump is definitely noticeable.  However, my sister-in-law says I'm barely showing.  My parents think I look cute.  ;)  Malek said " is poking out!"
How I Feel -  It's been a great week leading up to Christmas!  I did have a cold last week for about 3 days or so...I managed to get over that fairly quickly.  I'm loving having family around and being on vacation.
Weight -   +8.5 lbs overall
Symptoms -  None...just the normal crankiness when I start to get hungry.
Cravings -  Still sweets.  Since this is the week of Christmas we've been making all kinds of xmas cookies -  Murbchen, snickerdoodles and candy cane cookies!  I'm in heaven.
Exercise -  Went to the gym once (on Monday), walked the dog several times.  It's the holidays!  I plan on relaxing.  Probably won't work out again until Jan.  :D
What I'm Looking Forward To -  The crib and curtains arrived in the mail yesterday.  I'm looking forward to supervising watching Malek put it together and hang the curtains of course.  :D 
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Soon I'll have to take that glucose test (the orange drink!)...I have a Dr appointment next week...wonder if that will be the day... 
Odds and Ends - Baby Malek is very active in the evenings.  So far he hasn't kept me awake at night, I'm sure that will change soon.  I did have a night of insomnia, I was awake from 3am-6am for no reason, that was no fun. 

Merry Christmas Eve!  24 weeks - 12/24/2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

23 weeks

How I Look - Pregnant!  We had a holiday work lunch this past Tuesday and my co-workers were like: One min she didn't look pregnant and the next she's really showing!  Ha!  I guess the last time they really saw me was a couple weeks before it would be a noticeable change to them. 
How I Feel -  This week I got my first cold while pregnant.  SO. NOT. FUN.  It started Wed with a sore throat, then by Thurs I was coughing, runny nose, feeling run down, and last night trying to sleep was HORRIBLE!  I'm hoping today it will be over with. 
Weight -   +7 lbs overall
Symptoms - Wild mood swings...?  Occasionally I'm just in a bad mood and have no idea why.  I at least try to warn Malek when I'm irritated for no good reason so he can stay clear of me.  :P
Cravings -  Sweets are still in!  I made chocolate chip cookies this week so I had something sweet to snack on.  ;)
Exercise -  Only went to the gym once this week and I didn't walk the dogs.  But since I started getting sick on Wed, it's probably better I stayed low key anyways.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Painting Evan and Emma's rooms today!  We'll paint the nursery a couple days later.
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - If this cold I have lasts past today.  :(  Wondering if I should go to the Dr for other meds?  All I can take OTC is Tylenol and Robitussin. 
Odds and Ends - Baby Malek was kicking up a storm this week!  It's very exciting.  A few weeks ago I was lucky if I thought I felt a little movement here or there, but this week for sure there was no denying it.  Baby was definitely moving around and Malek was even able to feel it!  And yesterday I organized the toy bookcase in the game room.  That was so much fun and turned out super cute!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toy bookcase

I'm thrilled with the toy bookcase we bought for the game room.  Super cute!  Loving the elephant fabric drawer!  :D  The bookcase we bought off craigslist (it's IKEA), fabric drawers from Target, toys donated from friends, and in the upper left hand cubby is a blanket - the 1st item/gift I bought for our baby boy!

Toy bookcase - 12/16/2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More exciting news!

Just found out today that my sister-in-law will be having a girl!  Congrats Mommy & Daddy Barney!  The cool thing is that our baby boy will have a girl cousin who is super close in age, only 3 weeks younger (she's due in May).  Baby Malek has 2 other cousins as well, Charlotte (1) and Margaret (2).  It's awesome that we all live in the same area so that our kids can play and grow up together.  :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

22 weeks

22 weeks - 12/10/2010

Christmas picture!  22 weeks - 12/10/2010

How I Look - People are finally saying that they can tell I am pregnant and showing!
How I Feel -  Still feeling great.  I am noticing that it's starting to feel a little uncomfortable when I bend over to pick things up.   
Weight -   +5 lbs overall
Symptoms - None really.  Unless you count being really cranky lately in the mornings.  I'm sure Malek does! 
Cravings -  Sweets are still in!  I've been eating Christmas cookies all week.  4 of my friends (+ myself) decided to do a cookie exchange, we each received a dozen different cookies from each person.  5 dozen cookies in the house!!!  Not sure if I'm craving them or just eating them because they are in front of me.  And on Tuesday I had an awesome cupcake from Red Robin.  Yummmm!
Exercise -  Elliptical and light arm weights 2x's this week...and several dog walks.  I even once walked both dogs by myself!  Not sure I'll do that alone again...
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Family coming into town for the holidays.  They finally get to see my baby bump in person!
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - I am not liking that I now wake up twice a night to go to the restroom.  Ugh!  And I miss sleeping on my stomach.
Odds and Ends - Time to be on the lookout for stretch marks and growing feet!  Yikes!  So far so good, haven't noticed anything yet.  Just in case I have been applying Burt's Bees lotion to my belly and I haven't noticed any swelling or changes with my feet.  Fingers crossed!  I've also had a couple people ask me when I was going to set up the baby registry...I was planning on tackling that in Jan.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Maternity Clothes

Ah maternity clothes, it's a love/hate relationship.  I start off the day thinking I look pretty darn cute and then by the end of the day, when I'm feeling exhausted and beaten down, I think I look just plain frumpy. 

I do love the stretchiness of the clothing, the elastic waistbands and some of the apparel is kinda cute.  There are some pregnant women out there when you see them you think, they are soooo adorable, that's a cute outfit!  However maternity clothing can also look like a sack (shirts with ruching are the way to go), are somewhat expensive for the short amount of time you wear them, and they are baggy.  I for one can not seem to keep my pants up!  The ones with the full panels just keep fall down, taking my underwear with them.  I have to hold them up as I walk around....not to mention they do NOTHING for my backside (hence the bagginess)!  How I miss my Seven jeans!!!  I'm sure by my 3rd trimester the pants will fit much better and stay in place, but then I'll have a whole new issue.  All the stuff I can wear now probably wont fit later!!  Vicious vicious cycle. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

21 weeks

How I Look - The same as last week, loving my cute little baby bump.  It does throw me off when I see my profile reflected in a window.  Is that really me??
How I Feel -  Still feeling great.  My back only becomes sore when I sit in very uncomfortable chairs (i.e. the hard plastic chairs you find in large team rooms at work). 
Weight -   +4.5 lbs overall
Symptoms - None really.  I do still need the humidifier at night for my nose.  And now that the holidays are upon us I really miss being able to drink!  No wine during all the festivities with family & friends is gonna be tough, especially since that's the time everyone indulges (specifically NYE!).
Cravings -  Don't think I had any this week.  Though I did eat a whole bag of pistachios!
Exercise -  Went to the gym for elliptical and lights weights 2x's this week...but only managed to walk the dogs once.  Bad Tina.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Picking out bedding for the nursery.  I've only viewed them online, eventually I need to go to a baby store and see them in person! 
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - I read that I have to start watching out for varicose veins!  Ack!  To help prevent or minimize varicose veins I need to: exercise daily, prop up your feet and legs whenever possible, sleep on your left side, and wear maternity support hose.  I am so NOT wearing hose.  Guess I need to be better about my exercise.
Odds and Ends - I keep reading I should be sleeping on my left side, but mostly I sleep on my back or my right side.  And actually not many people have noticed my bump...besides my friends that know what's going on, no one has said anything.  Every time I go to Pluckers they look at me like I'm crazy when I don't order my usual Pluckers lemonade (alcohol).  Go figure.  And today while at the gym I asked the manager if there were any upcoming moms-in-motions classes and she was shocked that I'm 21 weeks.  She was like "where's your bump??"

Friday, November 26, 2010

20 weeks - half baked!

I've hit the halfway mark!!!

How I Look - You can see a bump in my picture!
Weight -   +3 lbs overall
How I Feel -  Feeling great and doing well.
Symptoms - none
Cravings -  None really.  Still enjoy an occasional Oreo :)
Exercise -  Manged to fit in 2 elliptical workouts this week before the Thanksgiving holiday and walking the dogs every day.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Decorating the nursery!  We are having a BOY
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - The baby registry...I hear its very overwhelming!  Good thing I have 2 good friends willing to walk me though it.  :D 
Odds and Ends - We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Malek's family and we have much to be thankful for this year!  Also managed to put up the Christmas tree and decorations yesterday, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  And speaking of Christmas and gifts, today was Black Friday, so Malek and I woke up at 3:30am to do some shopping!  This was my first time shopping on Black Friday, it was actually OK until about 8:30am when it started getting busy.  We didn't make it back home until 10am - Whew!

20 weeks 11/25/2010 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're having a...

4D image - Baby Boy Malek!  11/24/2010

We had our 20 week anatomy ultrasound this morning and to our surprise and delight we are having a boy! :)  Baby Boy Malek looked great and is tracking right on schedule.  He was being stubborn at first when trying to take specific shots of him and the tech asked which one of us was the stubborn one.  We said "both of us" in unison, which made the tech giggle.  There was no doubt that he's a boy as we had a nice full on view, HELLO BOY!  It was amazing watching him move on the screen and stretching those long legs!  Now we can focus on decorating the nursery and finding a name!  I think picking out the name is going to be the toughest part.  We just can't seem to agree on anything! 

We are super excited and extra thankful this year, perfect timing as Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  :)
Precious little foot - 11/24/2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

19 weeks

How I Look - I am more aware of my growing bump and think it's noticeable, however several co-workers told me this past Wednesday that they still can't tell I'm pregnant and keep asking when I will start showing.  Maybe next week I'll pop.... 
Weight -   +2 lbs overall
How I Feel -  Still feeling great, I never had any nausea (knock on wood).  I have noticed this week that my lower back starts to ache in the afternoons/evenings.  I also noticed it when I was washing the dishes...not so sure Malek will let me out of house work though.  :^P  It could be that my growing bump is throwing off my center of gravity and putting stress on my lower back or that my lower abdomen is stretching/pulling the round ligaments which could be causing the achy feeling.  Both sound plausible.  My seat heaters in the car are the perfect solution and feel awesome.  Guess I'll be breaking out my heating pad at home soon.
Symptoms - Occasional lower backaches.
Cravings -  Still craving oreos and a cold glass of milk!  I think we're on package #3 now; yes, Malek and the kids are eating them as well.
Exercise -  No more running for me.  Malek and my friends have all said its time for me to stop running. In fact A had a dream that she yelled at me for being so competitive and trying to run.  :^P  I did make it to the gym on Monday for elliptical and some light arm weights and I've started walking around the neighborhood after work with Sarah.  Other than that, motivation is low for working out...I think it's due to the upcoming holidays.  :D
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Finding out the gender next week!!!!  My brother has money on a boy, however general consensus is that it's a girl.  I'm giddy with excitement!
Odds and Ends - This week I said 'screw it' and decided to start wearing maternity clothes.  I can still fit into several of my normal jeans, but when I tried on some maternity pants last week I was sold on how comfy they are and decided not to wait any longer.  A co-worker was nice enough to let me borrow all her maternity pants (she's tall like me) and they are perfect!  My favorite pair of jeans are from Gap, super long sexy boot cut style.  :-)  I also started wearing some maternity shirts this week...mainly because all my other shirts feel too short.  I realized on Monday I was walking around and constantly pulling my shirt I figured it was time to bite the bullet and break out the maternity shirts.  The shirts are super comfy and I love that they are longer in length.  So far clothing from Motherhood Maternity is my favorite.  Guess it's time to pack up my regular clothes and make room for the maternity apparel in my closet!

Friday, November 12, 2010

18 weeks

How I Look - Same as last weight change. I do have a small bump...some days it feels HUGE though.
How I Feel -  Great!  Some of my pants feel a bit snug around the waistline...I tried on some maternity pants and they are oh so comfy, but still a bit big.  So I'm still wearing my regular jeans and low waisted pants.
Symptoms - I can breathe!!  The humidifier I borrowed from my brother-in-law is working wonders.  I can finally breathe through my nose while sleeping.  :D
Cravings -  Oreos!  I had bought some Halloween ones (with orange centers) a couple weeks ago and finally broke into them this past week with a big glass of milk.  I pretty much ate half of the box, Malek finished off the rest.  And I'm still wanting more!
Exercise -  I managed to run twice this past week, and hit the elliptical once.  This past Sunday was the Race for the Cure and I ran an average pace of 9:16!!  Not bad for being 17 weeks pregnant at the time.  :) 
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Still waiting to feel the baby move/kick.  I thought maybe I felt something this past week...but chalked it up to digestion or gas.  :^P 
Odds and Ends - This week the baby's hair and reproductive organs are forming!  Soon we will know if we are having a little prince or princess.  And last night I dreamt about baby names.  I kept hoping my mind would come up with a name we hadn't yet thought of...but I don't remember any new ones.  Oh well...and yes, I dreamt about both girl and boy names.  :D
18 weeks - 11/12/2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

17 weeks

How I Look - I think I look about the same.  Weight unchanged.  I'm still waiting for my belly to 'pop'. 
How I Feel -  Been a good week!  The past couple of days I've been exhausted by 9pm, other than that it's been an easy, comfortable week. 
Symptoms - My nose is still irritated/congested.  Borrowed a humidifier this week so I'm hoping that helps.
Cravings -  Nothing.  I went with A&J for sushi this week (don't worry all my stuff was cooked), and the smell of baked scallops about made me gag.  That's my first real aversion to food and the way it smelled.  I could eat it as long as I didn't smell it.  :^P
Exercise -  I've run twice this week, Tues and Thurs.  More than likely my last run will be this Sunday for The Race for the Cure.  After that my running will be sporadic at best, possibly nonexistent.  Hopefully I'll keep up with the elliptical machine.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Still waiting to feel the baby move/kick.  Come on baby, flutter!  :) 
Odds and Ends - I read on the internet that at week 17 you should start rubbing your 'pooch' to help comfort the baby, this also helps with bonding, and the baby should be hearing things now!  I wonder if he/she will be as jumpy as me?  :D  Maybe I'll finally feel the baby move!  Also the baby's skeleton is changing from cartilage into bone (ossifying). 
Tomorrow we are going to bier for me...but I will indulge in all the yummy sausage and potato pancakes!

Friday, October 29, 2010

16 weeks

How I Look - Same as last week, weight unchanged.
How I Feel -  I thought for sure I was getting sick, flu like symptoms, on Thursday, but luckily it cleared up around lunch time.  I'm guessing the cold front that came through messed me up.  Other than that it's been a good week.
Symptoms - Nose is slightly better, still feels dried out and irritated from time to time.
Cravings -  Nothing. 
Exercise -  I've run twice this week, Sat and Tues morning.  I skipped Thursdays run due to a restless nights sleep.  I'm planning to run tomorrow (Sat).
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Feeling the baby move/kick.  I've read the 'quickening' (fluttering movements) happens between 16 and 20 weeks.  :D  So far I haven't felt anything...
Odds and Ends - Received my first flu shot in over 15 years this morning.  So far so good, no soreness.  I had a check-up Wed morning and baby is doing well, heart rate 148.  I also scheduled my anatomy ultrasound for the day before Thanksgiving!!! 

Today we had a Halloween contest at work, I dressed up as an Egyptian Mummy Queen and took 1st place!  I love Halloween and have been wearing Halloween shirts to work for the past week.  Yup, I'm special like that.  Plus we are having our annual Halloween party this weekend.  Muhahahahaha!  Beware the Curse of the Mummy!  Malek will dress up as a Zombie...I've been telling people we will be a Mummy and Deady.  :D

10/29/2010 Mummy Queen.  At work.
16 weeks 10/29/2010...small bump

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's electric!

I had a little hair raising experience last night.  We are decorating the house for our Halloween party and I decided to move around a pumpkin light.  As I went to unplug it from the outlet, I received a quick shock!  I dropped the cord immediately.  It was a mild shock, pretty much only felt it in my finger tips and it got my heart racing a bit, but it was enough to freak me out.  I immediately went to the Internet to look up information on similar situations.  Needless to say what I read only made me worry more.  However by this time it was after 9pm and my Dr's office was closed.  Since I was feeling fine I decided I'd call in the morning.  At 8am I'm on the phone with the nurse.  She assured me everything would be okay, that she'd actually had another patient call in for the same thing recently and they didn't need to do anything.  Of course I could go in to listen to the baby's heartbeat if I wanted, but since it was a mild shock the baby would be fine.  What a relief.

On another note, Mr Miyagi has found its next candidate!  I had a co-worker request his magical presence and so I dropped him off at his new cube this past Friday.  It's time for him to work his charm on someone else.  :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

15 weeks

How I Look - Weight still the same, abdomen a little more noticeable and tighter.
How I Feel -  There was one day this week that I just felt 'blah' and decided to WFH in the afternoon and wear my favorite PJs.  I was pretty cranky that day.
Symptoms - Stuffy, irritated nose...actually I just realized I've had this irritated nose for a couple weeks now.  I even had a couple small nosebleeds, which is apparently common during pregnancy.  My nose just feels very dried out, which makes me want to buy a humidifier and adds to my crankiness.
Cravings -  Nothing.  When it's time for me to eat, nothing sounds appetizing.  I'm having to force myself to find something to consume.  Highly unusual for me.
Exercise -  None!  I took a week off from exercise to let my IT band/knee rest.  I must admit it was nice not having to wake up early to work out.  Saturday will be my first morning back running....I'm a little worried how that will turn out.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Decorating the nursery!  It's killing me that I have to wait until the end of Nov before I can do anything. 
Odds and Ends - I made an appointment today to get a flu shot next Friday.  This will be my first flu shot in over 15 years!  I just don't feel that they are necessary.  The only reason I'm getting the shot is because I received an incredulous stare from a friend when I told her I wasn't going to get one...and then my mom sent me an email of all the reasons why I should.  I even called my Dr's office and they highly recommended it.  Sigh...fine...I give in...I'll do it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

14 weeks

Officially in my 2nd trimester!

How I Look - The same as last week.  No weight gain yet.  Still wearing my regular jeans and shirts!  Though high waisted pants are feeling a bit snug...
How I Feel -  I actually feel normal!  From what I've read the 2nd tri is often called the best time of pregnancy.
Symptoms - None this week.
Cravings -  Cheetos and chocolate.  I went through an entire bag of Cheetos this week and bought a new bag (which I immediately opened), plus I've been craving chocolate ice cream every night...and last night I had some frozen thin mints GS cookies.
Exercise - Ran Sun and Wed this past week.  As of Wed I'm taking a week off from exercise due to the fact that my IT band (right knee) is bothering me.  Is baby telling me something???  I only plan to run until Nov anyways...just gotta make it 3 more weeks!  My good friend A told me the baby is sabotaging me by craving ice cream and not letting me work out.  :P
What I'm Looking Forward To - My 20 week appointment so I can find out if we're having a little boy or girl...and then I can focus on decorating the nursery and names!
Odds and Ends - We started looking at daycares this week.  I realize it's a bit early and we still have time, but I know over the holidays we won't get much done, so might as well start looking around now!
On another note, I received my 2nd belly rub today at lunch from a co-worker.  Surprisingly I was OK with it.  ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010

13 weeks

1 week to go and I'll be in my second trimester!!! 

Today I had my 13 week appointment and my first screening, Malek tagged along for the ultrasound part.  This was a very exciting doctor visit and we spent a good hour watching the baby on the monitor.  We got a ton of sonogram pictures, including a great face shot (perfect for Halloween).  However the little rascal wasn't cooperating to take the one necessary shot we needed.  I had to empty my bladder twice and turn on my side to try and move the baby into position.  Success!  The Dr told us everything looked good, good baby.  Afterwards they took another vial of blood (those darn vampires!) and then I headed down to my OBGYN (different appointment).  That was the shortest appointment ever!  It literally took 5 mins. They let me hear the heartbeat of the baby (pretty cool!), said I looked great, and they sent me on my way.  Next appointment is in 4 weeks.  I will be able to find out the sex of the baby at 20 weeks (Thanksgiving).

Hi baby Malek!  Profile shot
Scary face picture - perfect for Halloween

How I Look - My friends have declared that I now look pregnant.  I have a small yet noticeable bump.  Those that know I'm pregnant obviously know what's going on, otherwise I'm sure most people think I'm just putting on some belly weight.  Amazingly still no weight gain!
How I Feel - Excited!  The Dr's appointment today was awesome!!!  I was able to see our baby and it actually looked like a baby, the 1st sonogram looked like a chicken nugget.  There really is a baby in there!  Physically I still feel great.  So far so good, no issues.
Symptoms - Haven't really noticed anything this week.  Though Malek says I can be cranky at times.  Me? cranky?  :P
Cravings -  I don't think I had any cravings this least none that I can remember.  I did want a super sud from Pok-e Jo's yesterday...and when I didn't think I was gonna get it I was actually kinda sad.  Amanda said I pouted until I found it on the menu.
Exercise - I ran on Monday and Thursday this week, and I have a 5K race on Sunday (my birthday).  I love this cooler weather, my pace has improved!  I also made it to the gym on Tuesday for my elliptical workout.

Can you see the slight bump?  I think it's more noticeable in a white shirt.
My new bike that Malek and the kids gave me for my bday!

Friday, October 1, 2010

12 weeks!!

10/1/2010 - 12 weeks

How I Look - Malek says I'm starting to show!  I do think I have a little pooch.  However a co-worker told me yesterday that it doesn't look like I've changed at all.  That I look very slender.  :D  So far so good with my weight, I haven't gained anything yet thanks to all the running.
How I Feel - Still feeling good, no nausea. 
Symptoms - Pregnancy blemishes are showing up more and more...not too thrilled about that.  As soon as I manage to get rid of one blemish, 2 more appear!  And of course my hormones are finally rearing their ugly heads.  I was so emotional the other day it was crazy.
Cravings -  Chocolate milk and a McDonald's quarter pounder.  Unfortunately I wasn't near a McDonald's so Sonic had to do.  Lesson learned - a single quarter pounder is plenty, double is TOO MUCH!
Exercise - Hit the elliptical twice this week, did some light weights and fit in a couple of runs.

A friend of mine gave me a whole bunch of baby stuff this week.  A car seat, changing pad, motion monitor, books and a few toys.  When she started going over the car seat with me I freaked out.  That thing is SO complicated if you take it apart.  Then I began to wonder what else will be this complicated?  How will I be able to handle carrying all my stuff and a baby!?  Holy moly I'm having a baby!!!  It was a startling realization.  One of those moments where it really sinks in that my life is going to change.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Beware the pregnancy hormones!  They are outta control!

I think I recently experienced my first hormonal emotional episode.  And I admit now (now that the moment has past) that I blew it out of proportion.  But during that moment, even the rational voice in the back of my head couldn't stop me.  It was like I was watching myself from the background and was helpless to do anything to stop it.  The pregnancy hormones took control!  It was all 'RAWR' and "hiss" and "I'm right!".  Then the event passes and it's time to survey the aftermath....whoops.  My bad.  :/

Beware the pregnancy hormones!  They take no prisoners.

Not to mention now I'm wiped out from the overload of emotions...I just want to sleep.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

11 weeks (and 2 days)

Not much has changed since last week.

How I Look - My friends say I look the same...but I swear it looks like my middle is sticking out more.  Maybe it's just me.  :P
How I Feel - Good!
Symptoms - I noticed that I'm not really eating much at each meal.  I seem to only be eating half of my food.  Even Malek noticed my portion size has decreased.  I still eat snacks every 3 hours or so. 
Cravings -  I might be hooked on cafe mocha's again (decaf of course)...I gave them up a year ago and started bringing coffee from home to save money...but since boring decaf coffee from home wasn't cutting it, I've gone back to the Starbucks at the office...uh oh!  Must. Regain. Control.
Exercise - Ran outside 3'x this past week and walked the dogs a couple times.  I need to get myself back into the gym though for elliptical and light weights.

Now that its almost Fall I've really wanted to go clothes shopping.  I love the cooler weather where you can wear cute jeans with sweet boots and trendy sweaters, etc.  I really want some new black knee high boots!!!!  But alas I can't really buy anything because I know my body will be changing soon and I won't be able to wear my normal clothes again for at least another year (if ever again)!  I saw the cutest dress in the window of a store recently and thought it would be the perfect Christmas party dress...then I realized I wouldn't even be able to wear it!  Not to mention I have no clue what size I'll be by Christmas.  I just hope my shoe size doesn't change...knock on wood.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

10 Weeks

9/17/2010 - 10 weeks

How I Look - No change
How I Feel - Good!
Symptoms - Didn't notice anything this week.  I think exercising helps keep at bay any icky feelings and keeps me in good spirits.
Cravings -  Nothing in particular this week.  I gave up coffee about 3 weeks ago since decaf really wasn't doing it for me.  However on Friday I had a decaf cafe mocha with whip that was super yummy!  Coffee only appeals to me now if I can have a fancy one...something with chocolate or caramel in it.  ;-)
Exercise - We took the dogs for an evening walk once this week.  I also managed to run 2x's and go to the gym once.  I always feel so much better after a run!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2nd appointment - 10 weeks

How cute!  I can now park at these nice close-up parking spots at the Dr's office.  :)

Not quite sure why I even had this appointment today. This is how it went:
Dr:  How you feeling?
Me:  Great!
Dr:  Well everything looks good, blood work came back perfect.
Me:  Awesome!
Dr:  No weight gain yet, you look good.
Me:  Thanks!
Dr:  Let me feel your abdomen real quick.  All good.  Let's set up another appointment to have you back in 3 weeks for a screening.
Me:  OK

And that's all she wrote folks. 
I did manage to score a coupon for free prenatal vitamins for up to a year.  Sweet deal!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

9 Weeks

Week 9 (as of Friday 9/10)

How I Look - I think I still pretty much look the same.  One of my good friends has told me my 'girls' look excellent!  ;-)

How I Feel - My chest is still extremely tender and I'm feeling 'thicker', probably due to lack of sports and exercise. Sleep wise I'm doing better during the day at work, and of course I love taking 2 hr naps on the weekends.

Symptoms - This past week I've started getting small headaches. It's made me really look at my diet and try to incorporate more veggies (at least that's what I think I need or am missing). I might just have to drink V8's every day!  I hear pregnancy headaches are typical though.

Cravings -  I can't seem to get enough pizza, I want it all the time.  And of course sweets like cake and donuts.  Actually bought some Krispy Kreme's today from Sam's club...I'm trying to make sure I don't eat more than one a day.  :-/

Exercise - I hadn't run in 8 days, mostly due to the rain from our tropical storm Hermine, and only made it to the gym once last week.  Not good.  A, J and I were finally able to run Saturday morning, and my knees were killing me the whole time.  Hopefully that's just due to me taking a week off versus my ligaments loosening up due to pregnancy.  I need to try and keep running until at least Nov for the Race for the Cure.  I know I need to keep up some form of exercise throughout my pregnancy as well because if I don't I start to feel pent up.  Playing sports was a 'release' for me, I will have to find other exercise outlets to keep my sanity.  Perhaps evening walks?

Friday, September 3, 2010

8 weeks

8 weeks - 9/3/2010
How I Look - Still too early to really see anything.  I can't tell if I'm 'glowing' or one has said anything.  :P
Cravings - Sweets like cake, red vines, teddy grahams, ice cream, TWIX...and of course I still love cheese!
Symptoms - I took a new prenatal vitamin this morning, a sample pack from my Dr which contains DHA (The ones I had been taking didn't have DHA).  Not even 2 minutes after taking it I became sick.  Apparently I'm going to have to eat something first before taking a prenatal vitamin with DHA, it makes me nauseous.  :(   Besides the queasy feelings in week 7, which might also be due to trying a different sample vitamin pack w/ DHA that week, I haven't had any other issues.
How I Feel -  Sleep? Yes Please!  What a change in pace, I'm used to being very high energy.  Every day from 1-3:30pm I'm fighting to stay awake at work.  All I want to do is lay down and take a nap right after lunch.  My chest is also very tender and has been for weeks.  Makes running and sleeping on my stomach a little more uncomfortable.  Malek on the other hand is loving the 'enhanced' view.  ;-)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Odds and Ends

2am!!  I wake up every night at 2am to use the restroom.  It doesn't matter if I relieve myself right before going to bed or if I try not to drink an hour before going to bed....I always have to get up at 2am.  I knew I'd have those nightly run to the restroom moments, what surprises me is that it's always at the same time.  At least that's right in the middle of my 8-9 hr sleep cycle, so I can easily go back to bed before my alarm goes off.  ;-)

My exercise regime is still going strong!  The Dr. approved my running, elliptical and weight workouts but I had to give up volleyball and crunches.  I will miss volleyball as it is my favorite sport.  Softball I had given up a couple months earlier so no big deal there.  I wonder how long I'll be able to keep up with the running?  Guess it depends on when I start losing my balance...or when my ligaments and joints loosen up.  :P

So far I have felt great during my pregnancy, with the exception of week 7 (granted I'm only on week 8 at the moment).  The first 6 weeks went by no problem.  I didn't notice any aches or pains or nausea...until week 7.  That's when I started feeling icky, like I had the beginnings of a cold or flu.  My skin would sometimes be very sensitive to the touch and my stomach just felt off and I wasn't hungry.  Actually the thought of eating wasn't even appealing (gasp!).  I never threw up, and still haven't (knock on wood), I just didn't feel like myself.  One day after work I decided to take a nap to fight off the ickiness, figuring an hour of rest would be refreshing right?  My mistake, napping that late just made me feel 100x's worse!  I felt like I was hung over and completely out of it and again I didn't feel like eating.  I finally realized that delaying my food intake even by 30 mins contributed to the overall nasty feeling.  I've learned that I need to eat breakfast by 8am and have snacks around 10am and 3pm to maintain my chipper self, essentially eating every 2-3 hrs.  ;-)  I also now save my naps for the weekend when I can sleep for 2 hours at a time, usually between 1-3pm.  I'm back to feeling like myself - my pregnant self that is!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st checkup

Friday I had my first pregnancy checkup.  The appointment took a good 2 hours to go through everything - exam, information, giving blood and ultrasound.  I've never given so many vials of blood before!  8 vials total.  The most exciting and last part of my visit was the ultrasound.  I had to chug water for 30 mins because apparently you need a full bladder for the exam and since I had given two urine samples earlier I needed to replenish.  I must say the experience seemed so surreal.  I was just in awe when I finally saw our baby up on the monitor.  I could even see the tiny flicker of light that is the heart beat.  I was so caught up in the image that it took me a second to process what the Dr had been saying.  He confirmed there was only one baby.  Holy Moly!!  Twins hadn't even crossed my mind, even though they do run on both sides of our family.  I had a slight moment of anxiety and then relaxed when I remembered there was only one baby.  The Dr told me everything looked great and that I'm running right on schedule with my dates (7 weeks along).  Then he handed me 2 sonogram pictures and sent me on my way.  I was so glad it was Friday, I was bursting with excitement to show Malek the pictures!  We met up for lunch at Chuy's and marveled over our little rascal.  Later that evening we told our families the wonderful news.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I think the cravings have started.  No strange food combinations yet (like pickles and ice cream for example), just sudden overwhelming urges to eat random goods.  Of course the question is...are these pregnancy cravings or Typical Tina cravings?  :)

The other day at work a co-worker of mine told me what cakes she was baking for her kids birthdays...and all of a sudden I just HAD TO HAVE CAKE!  I wasn't even hungry, but the feeling stayed with me 3+ hours until I went to grocery store to buy the coveted item.  At first I was going to buy a mix and make it when I got home, but noooooo, I realized I wanted immediate satisfaction.  So pre-made sample cake slices were bought (German Choc cake and Fudge Choc cake).  I ended up eating half of one on the way home in the car with a plastic spoon.  At least I didn't use my fingers...

The next day I needed to buy some AAA batteries for my mp3 player, so back to the store I go.  I really should learn not to make direct eye contact with food.  I hadn't even past the bakery area when I saw a box of crackers.  For some unexplainable reason I just HAD TO HAVE TEDDY GRAHAMS!  So off I went in search of my next unnecessary food item on the cracker aisle.  And just like the cake, I ate handfuls of helpless little teddy bears (honey flavored) on the way home in the car.  :-S

Newest craving?  I think it's Red Vines.  I've been craving red liquorice for 2 days now, but have yet to find them (no go at HEB).  I'll try Wal-Mart next.  And no, Twizzlers will not do, it has to be Red Vines! 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr. Miyagi

There is this statue that floats between the women in my organization at work. I’m not exactly sure how it all started or who brought it in, but it acquired a reputation very quickly. Every woman who has had this statue in her cube has become pregnant! This ‘fertility god’ has been nicknamed Mr. Miyagi and has been the subject of many conversations. Lo and behold, when I return from my honeymoon in April, I found this guy squatting in my cube! Someone had even taken the time to draw stick pictures of babies on my whiteboard. This ‘charm’ had been passed onto me, and I was ready to take on the challenge. I rearranged my cube several times just to find the ‘right’ place for it to occupy. Making sure I could see it every day as I worked and rubbing its bald head for luck. I even hand carried it to my new cube when I switched buildings. I did have a couple of guys ask me what was up with the statue…it made for some awkward explanations and I would end up blurting out the reason in a straight forward manner versus concocting some glamorous story. Yea, I’m witty like that.

It appears Mr. Miyagi’s reputation remains intact. :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visited by 3 Dwarfs

Since finding out I was pregnant I’ve been able to look back and recognize some of the signs. It was really the week leading up to taking the test that I realized I had been visited by some Dwarfs.

Sleepy – lately I’ve been more tired than normal, even going to bed before 10pm and wanting naps. Though wanting naps is not unusual ;-).

Grumpy –I seemed to become easily frustrated over the tiniest things (uh oh!), and waking up feeling off and well…grumpy.

And of course, Hungry! – Wait…Hungry’s not a dwarf? Well he should be! I’ve been ravenous in the morning lately and HAVE to eat breakfast (I normally tend to skip this meal…tisk tisk I know). Lunch and dinner are about the same…though I noticed I would get hungry again around 9pm and would find myself snacking on salt and vinegar chips. Yummy! I guess an apple would probably be better for me eh?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And so it begins….

Aug 7, 2010

My friends and I have been running in the morning during the work week, and this time we decided to run Saturday morning as well. Big sacrifice for me since I normally sleep in until 9am on the weekend. My alarm rudely wakes me up at 6am, I manage to pull myself out of bed and stumble to the bathroom. As I’m about to sit down I notice a little box strategically propped up against the toilet paper. The night before I had remembered to take out a pregnancy test because I knew I wouldn’t think about it that early in the morning. I fumbled with the box for quite some time, sleep induced stupor makes for uncoordinated fingers.

Wait…what’s that? Is that a vertical line over the horizontal one???? I rub my sleep encrusted eyes; I must be seeing things… OMG! Is that a +?

The next couple minutes go something like this: rub eyes, jaw drops, eyes bug out, shock, silence….repeat.

THEN….excitement! OMG!!! I’m pregnant! How do I tell Malek? Do I wake him up? Do I let him find the test? Do I tell him after the run? From the bathroom I hear Malek get out of bed. Well now, wasn’t that good timing! I run out to the bedroom and grab him. “Come here, there’s something in the bathroom I need to show you, what do you see??” as I anxiously point to the water closet. He peers in and sees my test results. “Looks like a plus to me.” I’m smiling like crazy as he tells me congrats and gives me a kiss, then he’s off to make coffee as I run out the door to meet the girls for my run.

Mum’s the word!