Friday, October 29, 2010

16 weeks

How I Look - Same as last week, weight unchanged.
How I Feel -  I thought for sure I was getting sick, flu like symptoms, on Thursday, but luckily it cleared up around lunch time.  I'm guessing the cold front that came through messed me up.  Other than that it's been a good week.
Symptoms - Nose is slightly better, still feels dried out and irritated from time to time.
Cravings -  Nothing. 
Exercise -  I've run twice this week, Sat and Tues morning.  I skipped Thursdays run due to a restless nights sleep.  I'm planning to run tomorrow (Sat).
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Feeling the baby move/kick.  I've read the 'quickening' (fluttering movements) happens between 16 and 20 weeks.  :D  So far I haven't felt anything...
Odds and Ends - Received my first flu shot in over 15 years this morning.  So far so good, no soreness.  I had a check-up Wed morning and baby is doing well, heart rate 148.  I also scheduled my anatomy ultrasound for the day before Thanksgiving!!! 

Today we had a Halloween contest at work, I dressed up as an Egyptian Mummy Queen and took 1st place!  I love Halloween and have been wearing Halloween shirts to work for the past week.  Yup, I'm special like that.  Plus we are having our annual Halloween party this weekend.  Muhahahahaha!  Beware the Curse of the Mummy!  Malek will dress up as a Zombie...I've been telling people we will be a Mummy and Deady.  :D

10/29/2010 Mummy Queen.  At work.
16 weeks 10/29/2010...small bump

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's electric!

I had a little hair raising experience last night.  We are decorating the house for our Halloween party and I decided to move around a pumpkin light.  As I went to unplug it from the outlet, I received a quick shock!  I dropped the cord immediately.  It was a mild shock, pretty much only felt it in my finger tips and it got my heart racing a bit, but it was enough to freak me out.  I immediately went to the Internet to look up information on similar situations.  Needless to say what I read only made me worry more.  However by this time it was after 9pm and my Dr's office was closed.  Since I was feeling fine I decided I'd call in the morning.  At 8am I'm on the phone with the nurse.  She assured me everything would be okay, that she'd actually had another patient call in for the same thing recently and they didn't need to do anything.  Of course I could go in to listen to the baby's heartbeat if I wanted, but since it was a mild shock the baby would be fine.  What a relief.

On another note, Mr Miyagi has found its next candidate!  I had a co-worker request his magical presence and so I dropped him off at his new cube this past Friday.  It's time for him to work his charm on someone else.  :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

15 weeks

How I Look - Weight still the same, abdomen a little more noticeable and tighter.
How I Feel -  There was one day this week that I just felt 'blah' and decided to WFH in the afternoon and wear my favorite PJs.  I was pretty cranky that day.
Symptoms - Stuffy, irritated nose...actually I just realized I've had this irritated nose for a couple weeks now.  I even had a couple small nosebleeds, which is apparently common during pregnancy.  My nose just feels very dried out, which makes me want to buy a humidifier and adds to my crankiness.
Cravings -  Nothing.  When it's time for me to eat, nothing sounds appetizing.  I'm having to force myself to find something to consume.  Highly unusual for me.
Exercise -  None!  I took a week off from exercise to let my IT band/knee rest.  I must admit it was nice not having to wake up early to work out.  Saturday will be my first morning back running....I'm a little worried how that will turn out.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Decorating the nursery!  It's killing me that I have to wait until the end of Nov before I can do anything. 
Odds and Ends - I made an appointment today to get a flu shot next Friday.  This will be my first flu shot in over 15 years!  I just don't feel that they are necessary.  The only reason I'm getting the shot is because I received an incredulous stare from a friend when I told her I wasn't going to get one...and then my mom sent me an email of all the reasons why I should.  I even called my Dr's office and they highly recommended it.  Sigh...fine...I give in...I'll do it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

14 weeks

Officially in my 2nd trimester!

How I Look - The same as last week.  No weight gain yet.  Still wearing my regular jeans and shirts!  Though high waisted pants are feeling a bit snug...
How I Feel -  I actually feel normal!  From what I've read the 2nd tri is often called the best time of pregnancy.
Symptoms - None this week.
Cravings -  Cheetos and chocolate.  I went through an entire bag of Cheetos this week and bought a new bag (which I immediately opened), plus I've been craving chocolate ice cream every night...and last night I had some frozen thin mints GS cookies.
Exercise - Ran Sun and Wed this past week.  As of Wed I'm taking a week off from exercise due to the fact that my IT band (right knee) is bothering me.  Is baby telling me something???  I only plan to run until Nov anyways...just gotta make it 3 more weeks!  My good friend A told me the baby is sabotaging me by craving ice cream and not letting me work out.  :P
What I'm Looking Forward To - My 20 week appointment so I can find out if we're having a little boy or girl...and then I can focus on decorating the nursery and names!
Odds and Ends - We started looking at daycares this week.  I realize it's a bit early and we still have time, but I know over the holidays we won't get much done, so might as well start looking around now!
On another note, I received my 2nd belly rub today at lunch from a co-worker.  Surprisingly I was OK with it.  ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010

13 weeks

1 week to go and I'll be in my second trimester!!! 

Today I had my 13 week appointment and my first screening, Malek tagged along for the ultrasound part.  This was a very exciting doctor visit and we spent a good hour watching the baby on the monitor.  We got a ton of sonogram pictures, including a great face shot (perfect for Halloween).  However the little rascal wasn't cooperating to take the one necessary shot we needed.  I had to empty my bladder twice and turn on my side to try and move the baby into position.  Success!  The Dr told us everything looked good, good baby.  Afterwards they took another vial of blood (those darn vampires!) and then I headed down to my OBGYN (different appointment).  That was the shortest appointment ever!  It literally took 5 mins. They let me hear the heartbeat of the baby (pretty cool!), said I looked great, and they sent me on my way.  Next appointment is in 4 weeks.  I will be able to find out the sex of the baby at 20 weeks (Thanksgiving).

Hi baby Malek!  Profile shot
Scary face picture - perfect for Halloween

How I Look - My friends have declared that I now look pregnant.  I have a small yet noticeable bump.  Those that know I'm pregnant obviously know what's going on, otherwise I'm sure most people think I'm just putting on some belly weight.  Amazingly still no weight gain!
How I Feel - Excited!  The Dr's appointment today was awesome!!!  I was able to see our baby and it actually looked like a baby, the 1st sonogram looked like a chicken nugget.  There really is a baby in there!  Physically I still feel great.  So far so good, no issues.
Symptoms - Haven't really noticed anything this week.  Though Malek says I can be cranky at times.  Me? cranky?  :P
Cravings -  I don't think I had any cravings this least none that I can remember.  I did want a super sud from Pok-e Jo's yesterday...and when I didn't think I was gonna get it I was actually kinda sad.  Amanda said I pouted until I found it on the menu.
Exercise - I ran on Monday and Thursday this week, and I have a 5K race on Sunday (my birthday).  I love this cooler weather, my pace has improved!  I also made it to the gym on Tuesday for my elliptical workout.

Can you see the slight bump?  I think it's more noticeable in a white shirt.
My new bike that Malek and the kids gave me for my bday!

Friday, October 1, 2010

12 weeks!!

10/1/2010 - 12 weeks

How I Look - Malek says I'm starting to show!  I do think I have a little pooch.  However a co-worker told me yesterday that it doesn't look like I've changed at all.  That I look very slender.  :D  So far so good with my weight, I haven't gained anything yet thanks to all the running.
How I Feel - Still feeling good, no nausea. 
Symptoms - Pregnancy blemishes are showing up more and more...not too thrilled about that.  As soon as I manage to get rid of one blemish, 2 more appear!  And of course my hormones are finally rearing their ugly heads.  I was so emotional the other day it was crazy.
Cravings -  Chocolate milk and a McDonald's quarter pounder.  Unfortunately I wasn't near a McDonald's so Sonic had to do.  Lesson learned - a single quarter pounder is plenty, double is TOO MUCH!
Exercise - Hit the elliptical twice this week, did some light weights and fit in a couple of runs.

A friend of mine gave me a whole bunch of baby stuff this week.  A car seat, changing pad, motion monitor, books and a few toys.  When she started going over the car seat with me I freaked out.  That thing is SO complicated if you take it apart.  Then I began to wonder what else will be this complicated?  How will I be able to handle carrying all my stuff and a baby!?  Holy moly I'm having a baby!!!  It was a startling realization.  One of those moments where it really sinks in that my life is going to change.