Thursday, September 30, 2010


Beware the pregnancy hormones!  They are outta control!

I think I recently experienced my first hormonal emotional episode.  And I admit now (now that the moment has past) that I blew it out of proportion.  But during that moment, even the rational voice in the back of my head couldn't stop me.  It was like I was watching myself from the background and was helpless to do anything to stop it.  The pregnancy hormones took control!  It was all 'RAWR' and "hiss" and "I'm right!".  Then the event passes and it's time to survey the aftermath....whoops.  My bad.  :/

Beware the pregnancy hormones!  They take no prisoners.

Not to mention now I'm wiped out from the overload of emotions...I just want to sleep.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

11 weeks (and 2 days)

Not much has changed since last week.

How I Look - My friends say I look the same...but I swear it looks like my middle is sticking out more.  Maybe it's just me.  :P
How I Feel - Good!
Symptoms - I noticed that I'm not really eating much at each meal.  I seem to only be eating half of my food.  Even Malek noticed my portion size has decreased.  I still eat snacks every 3 hours or so. 
Cravings -  I might be hooked on cafe mocha's again (decaf of course)...I gave them up a year ago and started bringing coffee from home to save money...but since boring decaf coffee from home wasn't cutting it, I've gone back to the Starbucks at the office...uh oh!  Must. Regain. Control.
Exercise - Ran outside 3'x this past week and walked the dogs a couple times.  I need to get myself back into the gym though for elliptical and light weights.

Now that its almost Fall I've really wanted to go clothes shopping.  I love the cooler weather where you can wear cute jeans with sweet boots and trendy sweaters, etc.  I really want some new black knee high boots!!!!  But alas I can't really buy anything because I know my body will be changing soon and I won't be able to wear my normal clothes again for at least another year (if ever again)!  I saw the cutest dress in the window of a store recently and thought it would be the perfect Christmas party dress...then I realized I wouldn't even be able to wear it!  Not to mention I have no clue what size I'll be by Christmas.  I just hope my shoe size doesn't change...knock on wood.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

10 Weeks

9/17/2010 - 10 weeks

How I Look - No change
How I Feel - Good!
Symptoms - Didn't notice anything this week.  I think exercising helps keep at bay any icky feelings and keeps me in good spirits.
Cravings -  Nothing in particular this week.  I gave up coffee about 3 weeks ago since decaf really wasn't doing it for me.  However on Friday I had a decaf cafe mocha with whip that was super yummy!  Coffee only appeals to me now if I can have a fancy one...something with chocolate or caramel in it.  ;-)
Exercise - We took the dogs for an evening walk once this week.  I also managed to run 2x's and go to the gym once.  I always feel so much better after a run!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2nd appointment - 10 weeks

How cute!  I can now park at these nice close-up parking spots at the Dr's office.  :)

Not quite sure why I even had this appointment today. This is how it went:
Dr:  How you feeling?
Me:  Great!
Dr:  Well everything looks good, blood work came back perfect.
Me:  Awesome!
Dr:  No weight gain yet, you look good.
Me:  Thanks!
Dr:  Let me feel your abdomen real quick.  All good.  Let's set up another appointment to have you back in 3 weeks for a screening.
Me:  OK

And that's all she wrote folks. 
I did manage to score a coupon for free prenatal vitamins for up to a year.  Sweet deal!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

9 Weeks

Week 9 (as of Friday 9/10)

How I Look - I think I still pretty much look the same.  One of my good friends has told me my 'girls' look excellent!  ;-)

How I Feel - My chest is still extremely tender and I'm feeling 'thicker', probably due to lack of sports and exercise. Sleep wise I'm doing better during the day at work, and of course I love taking 2 hr naps on the weekends.

Symptoms - This past week I've started getting small headaches. It's made me really look at my diet and try to incorporate more veggies (at least that's what I think I need or am missing). I might just have to drink V8's every day!  I hear pregnancy headaches are typical though.

Cravings -  I can't seem to get enough pizza, I want it all the time.  And of course sweets like cake and donuts.  Actually bought some Krispy Kreme's today from Sam's club...I'm trying to make sure I don't eat more than one a day.  :-/

Exercise - I hadn't run in 8 days, mostly due to the rain from our tropical storm Hermine, and only made it to the gym once last week.  Not good.  A, J and I were finally able to run Saturday morning, and my knees were killing me the whole time.  Hopefully that's just due to me taking a week off versus my ligaments loosening up due to pregnancy.  I need to try and keep running until at least Nov for the Race for the Cure.  I know I need to keep up some form of exercise throughout my pregnancy as well because if I don't I start to feel pent up.  Playing sports was a 'release' for me, I will have to find other exercise outlets to keep my sanity.  Perhaps evening walks?

Friday, September 3, 2010

8 weeks

8 weeks - 9/3/2010
How I Look - Still too early to really see anything.  I can't tell if I'm 'glowing' or one has said anything.  :P
Cravings - Sweets like cake, red vines, teddy grahams, ice cream, TWIX...and of course I still love cheese!
Symptoms - I took a new prenatal vitamin this morning, a sample pack from my Dr which contains DHA (The ones I had been taking didn't have DHA).  Not even 2 minutes after taking it I became sick.  Apparently I'm going to have to eat something first before taking a prenatal vitamin with DHA, it makes me nauseous.  :(   Besides the queasy feelings in week 7, which might also be due to trying a different sample vitamin pack w/ DHA that week, I haven't had any other issues.
How I Feel -  Sleep? Yes Please!  What a change in pace, I'm used to being very high energy.  Every day from 1-3:30pm I'm fighting to stay awake at work.  All I want to do is lay down and take a nap right after lunch.  My chest is also very tender and has been for weeks.  Makes running and sleeping on my stomach a little more uncomfortable.  Malek on the other hand is loving the 'enhanced' view.  ;-)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Odds and Ends

2am!!  I wake up every night at 2am to use the restroom.  It doesn't matter if I relieve myself right before going to bed or if I try not to drink an hour before going to bed....I always have to get up at 2am.  I knew I'd have those nightly run to the restroom moments, what surprises me is that it's always at the same time.  At least that's right in the middle of my 8-9 hr sleep cycle, so I can easily go back to bed before my alarm goes off.  ;-)

My exercise regime is still going strong!  The Dr. approved my running, elliptical and weight workouts but I had to give up volleyball and crunches.  I will miss volleyball as it is my favorite sport.  Softball I had given up a couple months earlier so no big deal there.  I wonder how long I'll be able to keep up with the running?  Guess it depends on when I start losing my balance...or when my ligaments and joints loosen up.  :P

So far I have felt great during my pregnancy, with the exception of week 7 (granted I'm only on week 8 at the moment).  The first 6 weeks went by no problem.  I didn't notice any aches or pains or nausea...until week 7.  That's when I started feeling icky, like I had the beginnings of a cold or flu.  My skin would sometimes be very sensitive to the touch and my stomach just felt off and I wasn't hungry.  Actually the thought of eating wasn't even appealing (gasp!).  I never threw up, and still haven't (knock on wood), I just didn't feel like myself.  One day after work I decided to take a nap to fight off the ickiness, figuring an hour of rest would be refreshing right?  My mistake, napping that late just made me feel 100x's worse!  I felt like I was hung over and completely out of it and again I didn't feel like eating.  I finally realized that delaying my food intake even by 30 mins contributed to the overall nasty feeling.  I've learned that I need to eat breakfast by 8am and have snacks around 10am and 3pm to maintain my chipper self, essentially eating every 2-3 hrs.  ;-)  I also now save my naps for the weekend when I can sleep for 2 hours at a time, usually between 1-3pm.  I'm back to feeling like myself - my pregnant self that is!