Wednesday, May 29, 2013

17 weeks

5/29/2013 - 17 weeks and 4 days

How I Look - I feel like I really popped this weekend.  My bump is much more noticeable.

Weight -  0 lbs.   Back to ground zero, at my starting weight when I first found out I was pregnant.

How I Feel - Great!

Symptoms -  According to, my center of gravity should start shifting now and throw me off balance.  So far I seem to be OK on this front.  I have noticed a lot of crazy dreams lately though, which apparently is quite common in the 2nd and 3rd Tri's.

Cravings - Fruit and Pringles (sour cream & onion).  Still no bacon.  I made some awesome Zucchini Parmesan Crisps for Memorial Day and practically ate an entire pound myself.  Definitely making those again for a snack.

Exercise - I haven't run since Friday.  Looks like I'll be shifting more to cycling and elliptical going forward.

What I'm Looking Forward To - Deciding on a baby name!  We have a couple picked out, but I'm still on the look out for intriguing names.  Suggestions???

Odds & Ends -  We may have the bedding narrowed down to 2 choices.  However I'm still searching just in case I find something else.  Bro-Bro has told us he's ready to move into the game room, which opens up his room for the new nursery.  We'll probably start on that after school ends.  A big thank you to Bro-Bro for his sacrifice...of course the game room is almost 3'x larger than his room and has a 42" TV!  I think he made a good trade.  :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

16 weeks

5/22/2013 - 16 weeks and 4 days
How I Look - The same.  Check out the cute bump shot with Ry!

Weight:  -1.5 lbs. 

How I Feel - Great!

Symptoms - Haven't noticed anything this week.  Feeling normal.

Cravings - I don't think I had any cravings this week...cookie dough?  Although I can't have that, sigh.

Exercise - Ran the Deutschen Pfest 5K on Sunday and came in under 30 mins (which was my goal).  Yay!  I'm still going to the gym when I can and I did run on Wed.  It is getting harder for me to run.  I'm having to stop & stretch and catch my breath every mile.

What I'm Looking Forward To - Feeling my baby move!  It should be happening soon, the Dr said I should feel it earlier as it's my 2nd time around.

Odds & Ends -  Baby girl is doing well.  I had my 16 week checkup and her heartbeat is a strong 152 bpm.  The Dr did note that I seemed to have lost weight, and wanted to make sure I was eating.  Oh yeah I'm eating...sometimes I even have 2 dinners at night!  The Dr also gave me a copy of my MaterniT21 report.  It was only a page so there wasn't much info on it (I'm guessing because everything was negative), but it did say the test results have a 99.4% accuracy and 99.0-99.6% confidence interval.  I found it interesting that for gender it tested for a Y chromosome, which after I thought about it made sense.  Here's hoping that test really is accurate or I'll feel silly telling people the wrong thing.  Guess I'll find out for sure at my next visit, which will be the anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks!  I also started looking at nursery themes and bedding.  I'm really loving purple & grey with pops of teal.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ry's 2nd Dental Exam

Ry had his 2nd dentist appointment this past Wednesday and he received a B on his dental exam.  Apparently he cried the entire time and had a tiny bit of food stuck in between his front teeth and slight plaque.  Really that's a B for us, not Ry.  So we have to make sure we're brushing his teeth 2x's a day and we need to start flossing.  Yeah, that's gonna be fun.  The Dentist also told us that it's time to take away the paci as it will cause issues with the roof of his mouth (making it more narrow).  Ouch, I guess it's better to break him of this habit now so that we don't have to deal with it when baby girl arrives.  As of Wednesday night we went cold turkey, no more paci!  Surprisingly he's done fairly well.  He'll fuss for it occasionally but it hasn't impacted his ability to fall asleep at bedtime.  Unfortunately he has woken up the past 2 nights around 2 am crying, wanting to be soothed.  We've had to lay down with him until he goes back to sleep.  Hopefully that won't last for more than a week.  I'm still not ready to throw away the pacifiers.  I'm keeping his favorite one in case of emergencies.  Plus in June we're taking a trip to the beach which involves a 6 hour car ride...I'm not sure I can survive the car ride without a paci...
Bye-bye mute button...I will miss you.

15 weeks

5/17/2013 - 15 weeks and 6 days.  

How I Look - The same.  Still wearing my normal clothes. I tried a pair of maternity pants on Thursday and they were still too big.  I had to keep pulling them up. ;)

Weight:  -2 lbs. 

How I Feel - Great!

Symptoms - Haven't really noticed anything this week.  Occasional soreness with the "twins" in the morning.

Cravings - Fruit and Cheetos.  Cravings are starting to dwindle.

Exercise - The Deutschen Pfest 5K is this coming weekend.  I was bad this week with working far I've only worked out twice.  I need to get in another run before Sun, perhaps Sat morning...

What I'm Looking Forward To - My next Dr appointment (which is next week).  I want to hear my baby girl's heartbeat!  

What I'm NOT Looking Forward To - is the upcoming TX appears that we've finally lost our nice cool front.  75 and humid in the mornings and reaching 90s during the day, ugh!

Odds & Ends - Mother's day this past weekend was nice and relaxing.  I took my mom to brunch with friends at Max's Dive Bar downtown, they had a great brunch buffet (loved the french toast).  The hubby (and kids) gave me new sunglasses and a new giant mother's mug for cappuccinos.  The next day they took me out to dinner.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

14 weeks

5/8/2013 - 14 weeks and 4 days.  Officially in my 2nd trimester!  

How I Look - The same.  Still wearing my normal clothes.  However I did borrow some maternity pants from a colleague so I'm prepared.  I borrowed all her maternity clothes last time as well, we are both tall and of the same build.  

Weight:  -2 lbs.  Heading in the right direction.

How I Feel - Much better this week!  No nausea.  :D  

Symptoms - Tired and occasional dizziness usually in the evening.

Cravings - Fruit, veggies, mac n cheese, Cheetos.  Bacon is still out, yuck.  I can eat meat as long as it's in small portions.  However cheeseburgers are still awesome!

Exercise - Lots of running this week, in fact Monday I had a great run!  I signed the entire family up for the Deutschen Pfest 5K in 2 weeks.  This will be my last race.

What I'm Looking Forward To - Picking out a color scheme and bedding for baby girl, figuring out names, cute girl clothes!

Odds & Ends - Mother's day is this Sunday.  I'll be taking my mother to a brunch downtown with friends.  The theme is maxi dresses.  So we spent all last Saturday searching for the perfect maxi dress.  I found 2, one maternity and one regular.

SONOMA Striped Maxi Dress
Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Sleeveless Maxi Dress

It's a...(drum roll)


The results from my MaterniT21 test came in Friday (5/3)!  The Dr's office called me around 9:15am, when I happened to be a on work call, so I missed it.  When I went back to check my phone and saw the number I started jumping up and down, my results were finally in!  I called the office back and sure enough all tests were negative (meaning everything was great, no issues or DNA concerns).  She then asked me if I wanted to know the gender...uh YEAH!  "It's a girl!".  I had to ask her again just to make sure I heard correctly, yup, it's a girl!  :D  #ecstaticjumpingaround#

Now we have to figure out the color scheme and pick out a name for our little angel.  I'm just waiting for that perfect name to hit me like it did for Ryland...

It appears that my hubby's pattern holds true:  boy, girl, boy, girl.  :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

13 weeks

5/1/2013 - 13 weeks and 4 days

How I Look - The same as last week.  My running friend J told me I'm showing now.  Running clothes show everything!  :P  I have noticed that I've started affectionately rubbing my growing belly.
4/27/2013 - 13 weeks exactly
Weight:  -4 lbs.  Go fig, eating two dinners at night I thought would have had a different result.

How I Feel - Still nauseous from time to time, usually in the evenings.  

Symptoms - Tired, some headaches and dizziness, nausea, super hungry in the evenings.

Cravings - Fruit, veggies, mac n cheese and Cheetos.  I do want candy and chocolate, but my body won't let me eat much of it, makes me feel sick.

Exercise - Running 2x's a week and then cycling on the off days, occasional weights.  This week was a good week.

What I'm Looking Forward To - No word yet from the Dr about my test.  I'm hoping to hear something by Friday.