Thursday, July 26, 2012

15 Months

15 months young already?  Where has the time gone!  My little guy has grown so much this past month.  Ry's moved up to the bigger kids room at daycare and having a blast, we've had play dates with several friends and we bought a new bike seat so that Ry could enjoy biking with mommy!  He also loves to for us to read him books and will curl up in our laps for as long as we'll let him.  He'll bring us one book at a time, and as soon as the story's over he's up grabbing another book.  I'm delighted that he enjoys books and it's a wonderful cuddly bonding time for us.  We've incorporated reading into his nightly bedtime routine so that now he's excited to go up to his room vs. dreading going to sleep.
Mommy and me 7/7/2012

Play date with Layla and Ayden 7/7/2012

Speaking of sleep...Ry's bottom first molars have started pushing through, which has led to quite a few restless nights.  His prime time to wake us up was between 1:30-4am for about 3-4 nights in a row.  Not fun!  One day he even ran a fever and we had to bring him home from daycare.  He totally wasn't sick, it was all from teething.  Luckily Opa and Juju watched him for us so the hubby and I could work.
bed head - 15 months, 7/18/2012

Ry's passion for foods continues to grow.  It really amazes me how much he can put away!  Ry LOVES pasta, ice cream, yogurt melts, blueberries, watermelon, cheese, pizza and anything that mommy is eating or drinking.  When he sees me with food or a drink he yells 'nah nah' (I want that) and points at it, then he comes in for a taste; mouth open, tongue sticking out...  If it's something he likes he smiles and goes 'mmmmm' (yum) and when he takes a drink he follows it up with 'ahhhhh' (refreshing).  He's also taken to occasionally spitting out whatever he's just sipped from my cup to see my reaction.  It just thrills him to pieces to see my shocked face as I say 'noooooo!'.  He just giggles and smiles and of course I can't stay mad at him, he's so stinking cute. 

more watermelon please 7/2/2012
flashlight explorations
slurping up spaghetti

Rylander has such a sweet disposition.  My favorite is when he gives kisses, or actually when he receives a kiss.  Sometimes he'll flirt and play hard to get, other times he'll go right in for a kiss.  And then there are the times when you kiss him on the cheek and he'll smile at you and give a soft giggle or gentle sigh.  :heartmelts: 
sweetness 7/4/2012

mommy kisses 7/4/2012
Then there are the times when Ry-Ry is ALL BOY!  He loves tinkering with his tools, carrying around his shovel or pounding items with his hammer.  And then there is his destructive side.  Now don't get me wrong, he's not this crazy destroyer of worlds type, but he will come over after I have painstakingly organized all his toys and toss everything about with glee.  *sigh*  There are also times when I swear he's been secretly watching WWF.  We'll be leisurely lounging on the floor when Ry tackles us, straddles our waists and jumps up and down.  It's quite the ab workout really.  Daddy loves to wrestle with Ry, holding him down while he mercilessly tickles him. 
Ride 'Em cowboy! 6/28/2012

Ry is finally using words!  It's been a long time coming and now Ry is finally making sense...meaning we can actually understand him.  :)  Sometimes he will say them clearly, other times it's a stretch. 
Here's a list of his 'words' so far:
coo coo coookie! (cookie)
uh - oh  (when he drops something)
thank you (he can say it and sign it)
please (he signs it)
animal sounds:

Our doggie door has a new use, as Ryland's personal exit to the outside world!  Ryland has discovered the doggie door and will crawl through it when we have our backs turned to him.  One minute he's in the house, the next we spot him through the window scurrying across the patio.  One of Ry's favorite activities at daycare is to go outside and play with the water table.  As soon as you mention the word outside he'll squeal with excitement and go running for the door.  As long as it's not too hot (pfft we live in Texas!) we'll take him outside in the evenings on the back patio and let him play with the water hose or push him in his swing.  Speaking of water, that kid can't get enough of it!  He eagerly jumps at the chance for a bath in the tub and once he's in the shower he doesn't want to leave.  At the pool he's become quite the dare devil, running straight into the shallow end and not stopping until we catch him or the water is up to his nose!  Over the 4th of July he enjoyed playing with the big kids on a slip n slide.

Dressed up for the 4th of July parade at daycare

down home American!

Parade at daycare 7/3/2012

4th of July BBQ with friends.

funny guys