Tuesday, June 30, 2015

20 Months

Carsyn is such a doll and so full of life!  She loves it when mommy gives her airplane rides and she constantly tries to copy her big brother Ryland.  Those two mimic each other constantly; drinking at the same time, eating the same foods, racing around the house together, sharing mommy's lap...sometimes it's hard to keep up with them!  Carsyn is also a cuddle bug and I adore her for it.  She loves to give hugs and kisses, sit in your lap and just be near you.  Some of her favorite things to say are: cheese, bubbles, hi, waves and says 'bye-bye', if something falls she says 'oh no' and tries to clean it up and of course 'ow!'.  She's also an avid lover of her stuffed animals.  Right now her favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast and she loves bunnies and birds and tries to catch them when she sees them.  We haven't started potty training yet but I think she's close, she doesn't like having a poopy diaper and will come tell us when she has a BM.  She'll pat her bottom and say 'poop'. When we ask her if she needs a diaper she will nod her head yes and start walking to the changing table.  :)

swinging fools 5/30/2015
We started swim lessons in June, the first 2 weeks we were signed up with the Pf rec center.  Then we went to a birthday party and saw how well my SIL's kids could swim (the same age as our kids) and asked what they were doing, ISR lessons (infant swim rescue).  So we signed the kids up right away and managed to start the following week.  In just 5 days they have made huge improvements in their swimming abilities.  Definitely worth it!

swim lessons in Pf 6/10/2015
play time after lessons
At the Y for more swim lessons, playing before putting in the work  6/25/2015
ISR swim lessons 6/25/2015
Video of Carsyn swimming

This month was full of fun things:  Playing on the patio at Sam's Boat, a Safari Champs outing, Father's day lunch, playing in the rain and at the neighborhood splash pad, and of course an awesome birthday party at Kiddie Acres.  Heck we even went to Sea World to round out the month!  This time I bought Ryland some fish to feed the sea lions...and I totally forgot to take a picture!  Bad mommy.  Anyways, the kids had a blast and especially loved the kiddie water park.  During our Sea World trip it rained on us, so my phone was put away to avoid water damage, hence some missing pictures.

copy cats 6/14/2015

The bro-bro swing is a lot of fun! 6/14/2015

no daycare, so mom takes us to Safari champs! 6/18/2015

climbing like the big kids
Happy Father's Day lunch 6/21/2015
playing in the rain 6/21/2015
splash pad fun 6/23/2015

Always scaling something, trying to escape Pluckers 6/26/2015

Kiddie Acres, they loved this airplane ride. 6/28/2015

Selfie - on the train
1st time for the ferris wheel

We love the merry go round

1st time riding a horse/pony

Cowgirl Carsyn

snow cones


alligator alley