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9 Months

9 months young - 1/18/2012
At Ryland's 9 month check-up he weighed 18 lbs 15 oz (25%), measured 28 inches long (50%) and his head circumference was 47 inches (90%!).  We couldn't be more pleased with his development.  Ryland started pulling up and crawling when he was 7 months old, now he's a certified sofa surfer (cruising)!  He's been riding furniture for a good 3-4 weeks.  He cruises around the ottoman, sofa, and pretty much any furniture within proximity.  All he has to do is let go and he'll be walking unassisted, he's so very very close!  He's a super fast crawler and loves following mommy into the bedroom or laundry room.  It's the cutest thing at daycare when I pick him up after work, he sees me enter the room and immediately makes his way over to me and pulls up on my leg.  Take me home mommy!

Ry has also discovered the stairs, we really need to buy a gate for the bottom part of the stairs as he's managed to crawl up one step.  Currently we only have a gate at the top of the stairs.  Thank goodness I was right there because he tumbled back down and I caught him before hitting the tile.  Sheesh!  

Ry has turned into a wonderful eater!  He's gone to town this past month on food.  Not to mention he now has 6 teeth!!!  We were a bit delayed giving him table foods, but I think we definitely made up for it this month.  Most of the time he eats what we're eating.  So far he's tried eggplant parmesan, BBQ brisket, mac n cheese, pizza (oh how he LOVES pizza), various cheeses (his fav are American cheese slices - he'll eat the entire thing!), stage 4 chicken sticks, yogurt melts, cheerios, graham crackers, whole green beans and peas....the list goes on and on!  I can't believe how much this little tyke eats, and he's only in the 25th percentile of weight!  Go fig.  Whenever he sees us eating something he comes right over and wants some as well.  In fact one night we swear he knew we were baking a pizza and he refused to go to bed until we gave him a couple bites.  He also loves to drink water through a straw, yup that's right, he can actually sip from a straw just like you and me.  Now every time we go out to eat we have to order him his own cup of water.  Daycare has been quite impressed with his eating and drinking ability.  They told me he's one of the youngest in his class and the best with a sippy cup.  Go Rylander!

Ry is not only an awesome sleeper, going down around 7:30pm and waking up around 6-6:30am, he can also put himself to sleep!  We used to rock him until he fell asleep or let him lay in our arms while watching TV until he passed out.  Tisk tisk I know.  So about 3 weeks ago we finally started putting him down in his crib awake.  The first time he fussed for maybe 1-2 mins before drifting off.  Now it's a piece of cake.  He usually falls asleep on his own within 5 mins without making a peep.  Every so often he may be up for another 5-10 mins, walking around his crib, but soon he lays down and is fast asleep.  LOVE IT!  This makes bedtime so much easier!!  He's also learned to operate his mobile and Baby Einstein Soother.  There are some mornings we wake up to the sounds of classical music or lullabies as he's turned them on to entertain himself.

Christmas morning and Ry's personalized sock monkey ornament 12/25/2011

I can't believe my baby's first Christmas had finally arrived.  Ry must have been a very good baby because he received some great gifts.  Under the tree was an awesome plush elephant rocker.  He's still a bit too young for the rocker, but it was too awesome to pass up.  It even trumpets when you touch its ear!  Mommy fell in love with it and just had to buy it for him.  Ry also got some new toys, a swing for outside, books, clothes and his very own recliner!  However I think his favorite thing was the tissue paper. ;)  He loved to crinkle it up in his hands.

 tissue paper!

Elephant rocker 12/25/2011
New toys!
This is how I read - nom nom nom
Ry's very own recliner at Opa and Juju's 12/25/2011
Cuddling with daddy - we're stripes kinda guys :)
Ryland's first Christmas started off a bit rocky, he woke up with his first cold.  :(  Luckily he was still in a good mood on Christmas day despite the congestion, coughing and runny nose.  We took him to the Dr's the day after xmas, but all we could do was continue with Tylenol, the humidifier and angled sleeping positions (mostly in his swing).  His cold lasted a good 5-6 days, the first couple of days were just miserable for everyone.  Poor little guy could only sleep 1-2 hours at a time and you could hear the junk rattling around in his chest.  He was finally back to normal by new years eve.

Poor sick Ry, sleeping on daddy
This past month has been wonderful.  It's amazing how quickly Ry is growing and learning.  He's such a happy, delightful baby.  I love all his noises and cooing and giggles, and what better way to wrap up this blog than with a video of him laughing.  Oh! - I'm also loving the fact that Ry is all about mommy now.  ;) 

Here's a video of Ryland laughing at his sissy.
Taken 12/19/2011

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