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12 Months

12 Months Young - 4/18/2012
Our little guy is a toddler now!  He's walking everywhere and is quite good at it now, crawls up and down the stairs with ease (can you say heartattack for mommy!), knows exactly what he wants (and will point to it) and says mama and dada.  At his 12 month appointment he weighed 20 lbs 13 oz (25th percentile), was 29 inches long (25th percentile) and has a head circumference of 48cm (95th percentile).  The Dr says he's doing great and tracking right on average, probably due for a growth spurt soon.  He also received 3 shots and had a finger prick for an anemia test.  The poor guy was not happy about that, but it was over quickly.  According to the Dr we are now officially done with formula and bottles!  It's a good thing he has no problem using a sippy cup and straw, heck I found out at daycare they pour his bottle into a cup, so he's been doing that for quite some time now.  Our transition should be painless (knock on wood). 
I think they're up to something...

Screaming is fun!

I work out!
Ryland now has 7 teeth - 4 up top, 3 on the bottom. It's like a sharks mouth in there!  We've been trying to brush his teeth now for a couple months.  He'll let us get one good swipe and then he steals the toothbrush away from us.  I did try toothpaste once but he was NOT fond of the taste.  Every morning we'll hold him while we brush our teeth so he can see what we do.  He tries to immitate us, but ends up just using it as a chew toy. 

With all those teeth you can imagine how much he likes to eats.  He wants everything that mommy and daddy have, including our drinks!  He's become quite efficient at drinking out of my water cup (no lid/straw) and really enjoys my water bottles.  After every sip he smiles and says 'ahhhhhh'.  :)  His favorite food is still cheese, however he does try all kinds of foods.  When he's finished eating he'll let you know it too - by swiping all the food off his tray and onto the floor.  Mom & Dad are NOT thrilled by this development but the dogs LOVE it.
Smiling for the camera, look at all those teeth! - 4/1/2012

Ry has started taking notice of the camera.  He'll now skrink up his eyes and smile, after the flash goes off!  Now we just have to get him to do that before the flash!  We have learned to trick him with my camera by prepping the ready light first, once he sees that he smiles and we quickly snap the picture.  ;)

Morning fun 4/2/2012

It's a Mohawk kinda day 4/2/2012

Ryland is all about mommy these days.  The separation anxiety started a couple months ago and he's realized he does not want me to be out of his sight.  I can't even walk out of the room without him sounding the alarm and coming after me.  He mainly only wants mommy to hold him, and if I put him down the whining begins.  He'll even throw a fit when I hand him off to daddy.  Now dont get me wrong, I LOVE being his go to person, but it's nice to get a break in there every once in a while.  Luckily daddy is good with distraction and I can usually sneak off to another room for a few mins.  :P  Or we take Ry outside.  He loves the outdoors and exploring and forgets he was ever crying over me. 

swinging good time 3/24/2012

Enjoying his very own table 4/8/2012

Easter morning fun w/ daddy 4/8/2012

mommy and me 4/8/2012

Ry w/ cousins Charlotte and Margaret 4/8/2012

We discovered the other day that Ryland plays peek-a-boo.  I had no idea he could do this!  They must have taught him at day care.  There's been countless times I've hidden and then jumped out and said peek-a-boo and all he'd do was laugh uncontroablly.  But then just last week when I was playing peek-a-boo with him, he covered both his eyes with this hands, then dropped them and smiled.  It was the cutest thing ever (so far)!

Playing peek-a-boo 4/14/2012
I see you! 4/14/2012

Ryland is finally starting to give kisses.  I noticed a couple weeks ago that when Daddy kissed me goodbye, Ry would immediately go in for a kiss as well.  Most of the time he refuses to kiss daddy until mommy gets a kiss first.  It's funny to watch and oh so adorable.  He also likes to kiss the dogs.  :/  He'll actually follow them around until they sit down, then he'll go in all open mouthed for a kiss, and they'll lick him!  He thinks it's the greatest thing.  ewwwwww

Ry loves Sarah 4/15/2012

One year ago today (4/18) our son Ryland entered the world and our lives. He's an inquisitive, loving, adventurous, rambunctious, sweet little boy and we love you so very much. Happy 1st Birthday Ryland! 

We threw him a 'very hungry caterpillar' themed birthday party the weekend before his birthday, which I'll blog about next.  ;)  Below are some pictures we took on his actual birthday.  I still can't believe how quickly a year has gone by!  My handsome boy is now headed into year 2.  :) 

Happy Birthday Ryland - 4/18/2012
Singing Happy Birthday 4/18/2012

That was yummy!  I'm a frosting kinda guy.

Ry's new ride - Every Texan should own a truck!

Tailgating  ;)

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