Tuesday, June 19, 2012

14 Months and a beach trip!

My baby toddler is now 14 months young!  He still weighs ~20 lbs and more teeth have started popping up.  2 first molars are busting through his upper gums (one on each side), and his bottom right lateral incisor is finally making an appearance!  For the longest time he was sporting 3 front bottom teeth instead of an even 4, which made for an endearing lopsided smile.  :P

At the Oasis 6/9/2012
Over Memorial day weekend Ry succumbed to HFM disease.  Apparently he had it the worst and was the first in his class to catch it.  Luckily the virus didn't seem to bother him at all as he was his typical rambunctious charming self and he only missed 2 days of daycare.
Do I look sick to you? 5/25/2012

Color coordinating already!? 5/25/2012

Ry also went on his very first trip to the beach!  We decided to take an extended weekend family vacation to Port Aransas and rented a beach house (Starfish) with my parents.  The kids had a blast.  Ry loved playing in the water and the sand, although he wasn't too thrilled to have salt water splashed in his eyes.  He especially loved rinsing off under the hose at the house after returning from the beach and playing in the sprinklers.  I wish I had snapped more pictures.  I managed to miss many photo opportunities on this trip, or maybe I was just having too much fun to bother with the camera.  ;)  I even forgot to take pictures of the fabulous meals we enjoyed at Castaways, mom's homemade shrimp tempura and a night out at Sharky's.  All in all we had a nice, relaxing vacation at the beach, which also made for a great Father's day weekend.  :D

Day 1 - first time on the beach! 6/14/2012

Evan and Emma venturing into the sea
rinsed off and happy

rubbing the baby buda belly

Day 2 - family pictures 6/15/2012

super windy on the boardwalk

enjoying every moment
Perfect! 6/15/2014


Day 2 - fun in the sun 6/15/2012

Day 3 - having fun with daddy's hat 6/16/2012

Day 3 - heading out to the beach cooler style 6/16/2012

making sand castles...then Ry would smash them 6/16/2012
view of beach 6/16/2012
Day 4 - Such a ham 6/17/2012
Breakfast at Island Cafe - Happy Father's day! 6/17/2012

sleepy beach baby - on the way home 6/17/2012

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