Monday, March 25, 2013

23 Months

I was looking at Ry the other day and proclaimed "man, he's gotten so big!"  Watching him on the monitor at daycare he looks so tall and much older.  Ry now weighs in at 26.6 lbs, which I think still puts him in the 50th percentile.  I'm interested to find out the rest of his stats at his 2 year checkup.  Ry is also very much a parrot and repeats pretty much everything you say to him.  Daddy finally got him to say "I Love You" the other day.  Made my heart melt.  Daddy also taught Ry to scream "I'm crazy" when he jumps around like a crazy person.  Oh the fun in our house!

Here's link to a video of Ryland jumping and saying "I'm crazy".  For some reason I couldn't get the video to import  

hat day at daycare 2/27/2013
Oh man does this boy LOVE trucks.  He can’t get enough of them.  He likes trains too but trucks are the big ones.  Everywhere we go he yells “BIG TRUCKS”.  He also loves watching all the construction vehicles in our neighborhood.  When he sees clothing with trucks or cars on them, he immediately wants to wear them.  Looks like my little guy is starting to get picky about his clothes.

Who likes trucks? We do we do! 3/5/2013
Ry is quite the adventurer.  He wants to do most things on his own and will get upset if me if I try and help.  After he's master whatever he's doing, he will then tell me to 'go', which usually means to go with him.  He's also quite the sharer of food, which is not always a good thing.  He will offer anyone around him a 'bite' of what he's eating.  Kinda gross if he's been gnawing on it for a while.  Ry will also go after anything mommy and daddy are eating.  He'll just come right up to us, say 'bite' and help himself to our food.  You would think this might be a great diet, but I haven't lost any weight.

Ry climbing all on his own 3/9/2013

Off-roadin' at the neighbors.  I make this look good! 3/2/2013
Here's one of those rare moments when Ry likes being in daddy's car. He loves going to the mailbox and helping daddy carry in the magazines.  ;)  Usually he wants to go in mommy's car and will burst out crying when we tell him no.  I think he might be a little attached to mommy...
Not sure why, but Ryland loves going to the mailbox. 3/11/2013
During Spring Break we took the kids camping to Pace Bend.  Last year Ry was barely a year old and was just learning to walk.  This time he was off wandering on his own, playing with rocks, dirt and toting his dump truck everywhere.  He especially loved rolly pollies and would scream 'BUG!" every time he saw one.  Ry also made himself quite comfortable in my parents camper, especially in the early morning when it was cold out.  He had a ball and slept great at night in our tent.  I think he slept better than us.
Camping at pace bend 3/14-3/16
our camp site

Ry always says "hot" when he sees smoke and steam

I like long walks along the beach...

warming up with Juju

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