Friday, May 30, 2014

Ry's 3 Year Update

We have a 3 year old, how did this happen so fast?  It still boggles my mind how intelligent kids can be and how quickly they grow.  At Ryland's 3 year check-up he measured 38 1/2 inches (70%, finally broke average!) and weighed 31 lbs (50%) with a BMI of 14.7 (yeah...the Dr actually wrote down his BMI, not something I thought about as a kid myself).  He is hitting and succeeding all his milestones; uses 5+ words in a sentence, talks constantly, plays make believe and loves to build with blocks, puzzles, etc.  All though he's not too keen on drawing, he does like play dough and daddy's tools.

This boy is super active as well.  He's always on the go and can run like the wind.  He loves rough housing with daddy and can throw a ball fairly straight with either his left or right hand.  We still aren't sure if he'll be right or left handed; sometimes he eats with his left, sometimes with his right, he's constantly going back and forth, however he will usually kick a ball with his right foot.  We've signed him up for playball at daycare, each week they'll learn a different sport/skill, so maybe his dominate hand will surface.

Our little guy is fully potty trained!  Yup that's right, a week or so before he turned 3 it was official.  99.5% of the time he wakes up dry from the night, so no more night time pull-ups!  He still has an occasional accident here and there but it's minimal.  He's been wearing underwear for a good 5+ months now.  It's so nice to be down to only one child in diapers (baby Carsyn your days in diapers are numbered, even if you are only 7 months old)!

Ry loves his trains and train tracks, planes (usually the ones in the sky, not toys), construction vehicles and trucks, dinosaurs, snakes, sharks, puzzles, tools (ex: drills) and various stuffed animals.  He'll take his dinos into the bath tub with him and his snake and giraffe or teddy to bed.  Anytime he goes to visit someone or out to eat he packs a bag that usually consists of his favorite front-end loader and dinos.  The sweet thing about Ry is that he's great with sharing.  The majority of the time he'll offer up his toys to other kids and show them how they work.  He's also good with sharing his food, as long as you don't try to take it first, if you ask he usually gives you a piece of what he's eating.

Ryland is quite the chatter box, some mornings he just DOES NOT STOP TALKING!  Some of his favorite phrases are (not all of them good):
  • Five more minutes!
  • Look, there's a hairplane - Apparently planes have hair?
  • I'm sorry, you OK?  I get you a band-aid.
  • I kiss it? (when you have a boo boo)
  • I like this!
  • I have some of mommy's drink?
  • Can I have some chocolate, please?
  • I put on my 'jamas now?  - This kid loves his pajamas!
  • Jesus Ch****  - Yeah, this is new...we are trying to put a stop to this one.
  • I don't want to go to bed.
  • Purrr (put) her down (meaning baby Carsyn) or Purrr me down.
  • I play with friends.
  • I don't want to go to school
  • I put on ____ (animated movie) OK?  On the big TV.
  • Fast forward mommy - He's as impatient with commercials as we are thanks to DVR!
Did I mention he also loves to sing?  And he will cycle through all of these one after another!
  • ABCs
  • twinkle twinkle little star
  • the wheels on the bus go round and round
  • the itsy bitsy spider
  • bringing home a baby bumble bee
I stole mommy's drink 5/11/2014
at the dentist 5/14/2014

checkup 5/9/2014
Daycare pics 4/11/2014

My love bugs - in their 'jamas  ;) 5/28/2014

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