Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 Months

Ryland turned 2 months young yesterday (Sat 6/18)!  His 2 month appointment is actually next week so I don't have any specific measurements, but we're guessing he's around ~12 lbs.  He's been wearing 3 month clothing for a few weeks now.  :)  He's very alert, wanting to check out everything, and especially loves staring at the fan.  He also follows us with his eyes when we walk around or leave the room.
2 months young! 6/18/2011

My buddy and me 6/18/2011

Is it me or does it look like they have the same smile? 6/18/2011
Does this background make my eyes look blue? 6/18/2011

Ryland is still not a big fan of tummy time, however he does a great job holding up his head!  Check him out in his bumbo and jumper!  He definitely prefers to be in an upright position.
Chillin' in my bumbo - 6/14/2011

Hanging out - 6/7/2011

We've also discovered that Ryland loves jumping in the shower with daddy.  He's usually smiling and jabbering away in the water...though in this picture he looks a little more disgruntled.  Maybe he wasn't happy I took a picture of him in his birthday suit?  ;)
A little privacy here please! 6/15/2011
For the most part Ryland will sleep for a 4-5 hour stretch at night, waking around 3am and then again around 7am.  However there's been quite a few nights that he's tossed out his schedule and been up every 2 hours!  SO. NOT. FUN.  His swing has been a lifesaver and I'm not ashamed to admit that we've let him sleep in it once or twice at night just to survive.  He also prefers to nap in his swing during the day.
out like a light 5/26/2011

wide awake (and happy) in the pack n play 6/3/2011
He's still eating 4oz at each feeding and sometimes needs another 2 oz 1.5 hours later (he likes to snack just like mommy).  We just can't make him drink more than 4oz at a time, stubborn boy.  I've found that Ryland is most talkative and playful in the morning and after he eats, smiling and cooing at mommy.  Of course when we try to video him he becomes very quiet as he is fascinated and intrigued by the camcorder. 

You talkin' to me? 6/18/2011

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