Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jackpot at MamaCents!

Tonight was the MamaCents VIP consignment presale for First Year Mamas and I hit the jackpot!  Below are some of the big ticket items I snagged.  Most of these items are for my parent house since they are moving here from MI to be closer to their grandson.  :)  I also picked up several cute 6-9 month outfits and pants/jeans.  My favorite find was an awesome navy blue Polo pea coat/sailor jacket for Ry to wear during the winter.  It was like Christmas in Jul...errr August!  :Þ


Jumper for the parents - although the hubby really liked it.

Stroller for the parents
Pack n Play for the 'rents

Cute outfits, the Polo Jacket is on the right :)


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