Thursday, August 18, 2011

4 Months

My baby is 4 months young today, 8/18!  At today's checkup Ryland weighed in at 13 lbs 7 oz (25th percentile), 25 inches long (50th percentile) and 42.8 cm head circumference. 

How you doin? 8/18/11

Ryland still really loves his hands, they are always in front of his face and in his mouth.  However now he's started grabbing toys as well as mommy's hair and shirt and anything else within close proximity.  He especially loves his Vulli Sophie, and mommy loves that it fits his theme.  :)  I found a good deal on Amazon for this giraffe chew toy and decided to try it out after someone told me it was like baby crack.  The minute Ry saw it he snatched it up and went to town chewing. 

Watch those tusks mister!
Are we done with pictures yet?
Ryland also loves his new jumperoo.  I found one at the MamaCents VIP sale and was going to give it to my parents, until the hubby saw it.  Needless to say Ry loves bouncing in his jumperoo.

One of Ryland's favorite things to do is blow spit bubbles.  Out of no where he started drooling like crazy.  Many people have told us he's probably teething, but I think he's still a bit young for that to happen.  He loves making high pitched humming noises while blowing raspberries and bubbles.  His shirt is soaked within minutes if we don't put a bib on him.  And now Ry has discovered his voice!  He is constantly jabbering away and trying out his vocal ranges.  It really is quite entertaining listening and watching our happy baby.  He also loves to be on his feet.  Anytime we are sitting down he wants to be standing (with support of course).  His eyes become enormous as he surveys his surroundings and sometimes he even appears to be doing a little jig.  My boy is dancing!
3 month pics - 7/17/2011
The doctor told us today we need to start putting Ry to bed at 8pm and letting him cry it out.  Our ritual has been to let him nap a bit after daycare and then put him down around 10pm.  I knew sooner or later we'd need to get strict about a bedtime schedule, so I guess now it begins.  I already failed tonight on the cry it out method.  I lasted all of 20 mins before I went up there to rock my baby to sleep.  The tear stained cheeks and trembling lips broke me.  This is going to be tough!

On another note...look who's ready for football!  :)
We are Spartans 8/18/2011

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  1. Congrats! George Wilde just turned 4 months as well!! Glad to see that things are going well!! ;-)