Friday, September 28, 2012

17 Months

Ryland surprises us every day with the things he's learned and knows.  It amazes me the little person he's become; bright, loving, energetic personality.  He's definitely grown taller...but still only weighs 22 lbs despite all the food he wolfs down.  Ry has started taking our hands and leading us to the things he wants.  When he's ready to go, he'll grab my hand, say 'bye-bye' and walks us to the door.  The dude knows what he wants!  He mimics everything from gestures to words, our little parrot.  He's soooo close to giving the Hook 'em Horns hand signal.  :) 

grrrrrr pasta!  9/8/2012
Ry finally came down with his first ear infection at 16.5 months.  If you ask me that's pretty darn good making is that far before getting an ear infection!  Unfortunately for a good week there it was SO.NOT.FUN!  It started off with a fever on Friday, which we thought was due to teething.  He also had some gross green eye junk, which we attributed to something in the air irritating him (not allergies NOOOOO).  He was OK the first couple of days as we loaded him up with Tylenol.  Then by the third day he was much worse.  Very clingy, no energy, hot, green eye junk still there and overall very whiny.  So on Monday, Labor Day, we made an appointment to have him checked out.  Sure enough his left ear was inflamed and apparently he had conjunctivitis!  I found out later that many of the kids at day care had the same symptoms.  So for the next 5 days we had to administer eye drops, and for the next 10 days amoxicillin.  OMG that was the WORST!  Ry refused to take the meds and fought us at every turn.  We tried to slip the amoxicillin in his juice, then his milk.  He'd only drink the milk in the morning and refused all liquids in the evening (he figured out what we were doing) so we finally had to resort to forcing it down with a syringe.  :(  I think we were lucky to get half the meds down him.  Thankfully he cleared up pretty fast even though we never did finish off the meds (bad parents).
Come on...lets get outta here!

As soon as he recovered from that, he succumbed to a 24 hour stomach bug...on Friday!  Again...another virus making the rounds at daycare.  This bug resulted in both of our cars getting hit with vomit.  UGH!  At least there was no fever.  It was back off to the Dr's office for more meds. Pedialyte, saltines and nausea meds were prescribed.  On the way there he puked in my car two times.  Poor baby was miserable and I forgot to pack extra clothes!  The Dr's office was nice enough to give us a gown.  Thankfully Ry was recovered by Sunday, just in time to go back to daycare.

UT tailgate 9/1/2012
September means football and tailgating are back!  We've already hit up two tailgates this past month.  The first was crazy hot, thank goodness our spot is located under some ginormous trees and lush grass.  The second tailgate was much cooler.  Both times we had some friends come out and join the fun.
Go Green!  Go White!  8/31/2012
MSU cool 9/8/2012
Ry loves his easel  8/29/2012

water table fun 8/31/2012

Visit from Baba 9/2/2012

Dinner at Verona 9/18/2012

Dinner at Verona for Opa & Juju's bdays 9/18/2012

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