Thursday, October 25, 2012

18 Months

Happy - taken before he received 5 shots :(
My little rascal is one and a half years young!  At his 18 month appointment Ry weighed 24 lbs 5 oz (30%), 32 1/4th inches tall (50%) and a head circumference of 49.3 cm (90%).  Ry also received 5 shots since we apparently missed the 15 month appointment.  :(  It's always heart wrenching seeing my baby cry, but luckily he recovers quickly.  The Dr is very happy with his progress and our next appointment is at 2 years.  We have noticed that Ry turns one of his feet in when he walks, the Dr isn't concerned and said that's quite normal at this age and he'll grow out of it.  We've also noticed that Ry uses his left hand the majority of the time...looks like we may have a south paw on our hands!  Of course the Dr said that could change over time as well.  
Too cute for just one mirror 9/23/2012

Ry was just promoted up to the next classroom at daycare (last Fri 10/19).  His teacher told us he was the only one in class who could recognize colors and was eager to learn more.  Ryland knows over 20 words and understands most things we say or ask of him.  That explains his big head.  :)  We recently caught him saying 'stinky' and 'stay' (to the dogs).  My mom swears he's said diaper and clean...but I have yet to hear it.
His ever growing vocabulary:
  1. puppy, doggy
  2. hi
  3. bye-bye
  4. night night
  5. papa (opa)
  6. Ju-Ju
  7. Nana
  8. moon
  9. juice
  10. thank you
  11. stinky
  12. stay
  13. go
  14. cracker, cookie
  15. more
  16. cheese
  17. mama, daddy (sounds like dahdeeeeeee)
  18. mine
  19. sock, shoe
  20. ball
  21. yum
  22. truck
  23. no / nein nein nein (no in German)
  24. oh no and uh oh (when very appropriate)
  25. green
  26. yellow
  27. cat
  28. broom
  29. mummy (according to my mom)
  30. fishie
At the end of September we took some extended family pictures with the Malek clan.  Below are some of our personal shots.  We should have the CD of professional pics from the photographer this weekend.
GQ potential!  9/30/2012
This is my 'cheese' face! 9/30/2012
And now for the worst moment of my life (to date).  We had a scare with Ryland at the beginning of October.  I was playing with Ry in our backyard, pushing him in his cozy truck (i.e. cozy coupe).  After a couple trips around the patio he got out and I thought he was done.  I should have known better than to leave his truck so close to the edge....I walked away to get something from the grass.  In that time Ry went back to the truck and tried to get in, as he did the truck scooted back and then went over the side of the patio.  I turned around just in time to see him and the truck going down, and his head landed on the sharp side of one of the walking stones.  He immediately started crying, I rushed over to him to find a huge gash on his forehead and lots of blood.  We rushed inside, called his Dr and headed to the ARC (clinic).  Luckily we didn't have to go to the ER and we avoided stitches.  The Dr was able to glue the wound closed.  I was and still am beside myself with guilt and grief.  Ry is fine, and the scar will heal well and lighten over time, but it will always be there.
The day after, all glued up - 10/2/2012
11 days later the glue came off - 10/13/2012
Getting better 10/20/2012
Ry-baby loves to be outside and one of our favorite things to do is walk over to the bridge in front of our house or the softball field backstop.  He's such an adventurous, energetic little soul. 
Strolling through the hood with my wagon 10/13/2012
Posing for mommy 10/13/2012
Getting ready for Halloween.  This guy ain't scared at all!  We visited Spirit Halloween and he was laughing and playing with the displays and kissing the zombie babies! 
I ain't scared! 10/19/2012
Preview of Ry's costume, before alterations - 10/7/2012

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