Friday, January 18, 2013

21 Months

Another busy month full of holidays, family and friends (and tons of pictures).  Uncle Steve and Aunt Christina came for a visit, we enjoyed several Christmas get togethers, hosted a New Year's Eve party, started swim lessons, joined a tumbling class and attended a daycare friend's birthday party.  Whew! 


We finally remembered to weigh Ry and he's currently at 26 lbs and firmly in size 18 months.  He's almost ready to go into the next size up, although he's a little on the skinny side for 24 months and the pants just fall off him.  Daycare can't stop talking about our little Ry.  KRK said he may be the smallest in his class but he's definitely the brightest.  He will help count with the teacher and even helps feed the other kids!  At home he's started singing along to the alphabet train...I think he has the first 4-5 letters down.  He's also very inquisitive, always trying to figure out how things work and go together.  AND he's all about potty time!  We bought him a Thomas the Train potty seat and he really enjoys sitting on it!  Every morning and when we get back from work he'll drag us to the bathroom so that he can sit on the potty.  He still has yet to actually do anything. 

Trying it out 1/12/2013

This little busy body is constantly on the go, so I signed him up for swim lessons at Aqua-tots and a tumbling class at the Y.  So far he LOVES it.  I think Ry is definitely going to be an athlete like his parents.  He has wonderful motor skills and control over his body.  The swim lessons are indoors at a heated pool and last for 30 mins.  He is quite the water baby and never wants to get out.  He has discovered a new love at bath time as well, bubble baths!  After half an hour we start emptying the tub and he will play even more feverishly as the water disappears.  In the end we have to tear him away from the tub, shivering from the cold, lips trembling and blue as he refuses to stop his water fun.
Waiting patiently for swim lessons 1/5/2013

Ry loves his bubble baths 1/12/2013
tumbling class 1/17/2013
Ry has a ball playing with our doggies.  On the weekends when the weather is nice we'll take them all out to the dog park from some exercise.  Great way to tire out the entire family.  :)

dog park 12/22/2012
Our little guy is making the rounds!  Round and round we go on the carousel.  Opa and JuJu have taken Ry to Lakeline mall twice now to play on the toddler playground, ride the train and take a spin on the carousel.  Can you say spoiled!  We also recently tried out Safari Champ for a birthday party.  I wasn't sure what to expect from this place although I had heard great things about it.  When we walked in I was blown away!  The playscapes were amazing!  We barely had Ry in the door when he took off towards the biggest one and was gone.  He squealed and giggled and had a grand ole time.  A couple times daddy had to go up after him to help with the larger steps, I think daddy is really just a big kid.  ;)  Who am I kidding, I wanted play in there as well, except I forgot to wear socks.  We will definitely go back soon.
Fun at the mall with Opa 1/10/2013
and JuJu 1/10/2013
Safari Champ 1/12/2013

Christmas was a blur.  We have both sides of the family in town and I think we must have celebrated a good 3-4 times over the break!  Ry and his cousins enjoyed a pillow fight at Nana's house one evening.  Once my brother and his wife arrived we hit up the Oasis, Pluckers, Chinese food for xmas eve dinner and even enjoyed a night by the fire pit on our back patio.  We managed to wrangle everyone up for some more Christmas photos, visited with the Malek side of the family and finally rung in the New Year at our house with some neighbors and family.
Pillow fight with cousins at Nana's 12/22/2012

Oasis 12/23/2012

Checking out Santa at Oasis

Lunch at the Oasis 12/23/2012

partying around the fire pit 12/23/2012

Christmas Eve Church Service

xmas eve dinner

Christmas morning

best gift ever!


Christmas morning at Opa & Ju-Ju's
Cheers! 12/25/2012

Drinking orange julius from his very own special cup

Uncle Steve and Ry 12/27/2012
Ry loves his Uncle Steve 12/27/2012

Eating fried oreos at Pluckers

Freunds/Maleks 12/28/2012
Emma, Ry and Evan

Godparents lil C and Steve 12/28/2012

Malek Christmas 12/30/2012

Blake's closet playroom

Happy New Years!  NYE 2012
NYE 2012

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