Tuesday, January 8, 2013

20 Months

Yikes, I'm way behind on posting as the holidays kept us super busy.  Unfortunately I do not have as intriguing an update as last month, which is probably a good thing.  We only need so much excitement in one month let alone one year!

Ry is so full of life and energy.  This little guy just won't sit still!  And he's chatting up a storm.  He can string together 2 or 3 words now.  His favorite things to say are "No daddy!", "Elmo!", "oh no mama" and "football!".  In the mornings Ry loves to tell me to 'sit' on the couch so that we can watch cartoons together.  In the evenings he can't get enough of "this little piggy went to the market" with his toes.  He will giggle when you get to "wee wee wee all the way home" and then stick out his other foot and say 'more'.  He's always in a good mood and his laughter is infectious.  He's still definitely a mama's boy...however more and more I see him searching for daddy so they can roughhouse together.

This year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house and ended up converting our dining room into a downstairs playroom for the kiddos!  Bye bye dining table....hello endless messy fun for the kids.

Turkeys 12/22/2012
Ju-Ju & Opa
Brothers and football

cousins Blake and Charlotte
Baba and Ry - Beautiful Thanksgiving day

Ry's new table!  He loves Thomas the Train.  11/27/2012

Ry loves the park 12/9/2012

Such a big boy! 12/13/2012
Bring on Santa!  Our yearly neighborhood HOA holiday party was at the beginning of Dec, which included free food and pictures with Santa at the clubhouse. Ry refused to sit on Santa's lap (melt down!) so we all joined in...yeah yeah it was a mandatory family picture.  ;)

Santa! 12/8/2012
Here's looking at you kid

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