Monday, February 3, 2014

3 Months

3 months young 1/28/2014
Carsyn turned 3 months young on Jan 28th and has graduated from newborn to infant.  She now weighs ~11 lbs and 8 oz (fully clothed), 3 month clothes are starting to fit a bit tight, she does much better in a 3-6 month size.  All this growing and she was still eating only 4 oz at a time.  I swear she's following Ryland's progress to a T.  The past week she's all of a sudden increased her intake to 5-6 oz a feeding!  Thankfully I started freezing milk when she was 2 weeks old and we have plenty saved up for her.  When Ry was her age we had to start supplementing as I didn't have enough breast milk stored up.  Currently we have ~2 months of milk in the freezer.  Thank goodness because since I've returned to work my production has dropped in half and I beginning to wonder how much longer I can keep pumping.  I've gone from 10 oz every 4 hours to 3-4 oz every 4 hours.

We're a hoot!
Carsyn is still sleeping downstairs in our room in her rock n play sleeper (love this thing!)  It's just so much more convenient than going upstairs in the middle of the night for her 2/3am feeding.  I'm sure we'll move her up to her room soon though, the hubby is anxious to reclaim our bedroom.  She's also very spoiled and will really only fall asleep if you're holding her.  She's such a little ball of heat that she knocks mommy and daddy out as well!  Naps all around.  ;)

Carsy still is not a fan of tummy time, we're lucky if we can convince her to lay on her stomach for 5 mins at a time.  ** update as of 2/1 ** Carsyn is rolling over!  Over the weekend she went from back to stomach at least 3 times.  You go girl!
side sleeper 1/19/2014
exhausted 1/26/2014
Carsy puts us to sleep 1/26/2014
Carsyn is quite the flirt.  She'll smile and coo at you then hide behind her hands.  Oh yeah, she's loving her hands right now, we can't keep them out of her mouth.  Everyone she meets falls in love with her.  It's hard to resist a sweet little baby with big beautiful eyes.

fist pumps 1/26/2014
Daycare at Opa & Juju's house 1/15/2014

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