Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Potty Training (IP)

We've been working on potty training Ryland now for a few months.  He's come a long way since we started.  Most of the time he's in pull-ups, but on the weekends when we are at home he'll wear his undies.  We started off by rewarding him with an M&M everytime he went on the potty, now we don't have to give him any sweets.  In just the past 2 weeks he's made vast improvements!  He loves making bubbles, going #1 while standing which causes bubbles to form in the potty.  He'll also get super exited when he makes nuggets (#2) in the potty; running out of the bathroom, yelling excitedly and giving you a high 5.  Hey man, whatever works, right!?!  He's started telling us that he needs to use the potty versus us telling him to go every hour (yes, EVERY hour!).  He's also started waking up dry, not a single drop in his overnight diaper, which is AWESOME!  He's so so close to being fully trained.  Occasionally he does have his accidents, and of course when he's in a pull-up we aren't as dedicated about making him go every hour.  But progress is progress and we're super proud of our little guy.  Heck, he even went to the bathroom all by himself at Chili's, locking me out of the stall no less.  I had to climb on the toilet in the stall next to him just to peer over the wall and see how he was doing.  He had made a huge nugget in the toilet!  I was so excited I almost took a picture, then realized what I was doing and had to reel myself in.  ;)  :proudmommymoment:

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