Monday, March 10, 2014

4 Months

Carsyn is 4 months young as of 2/28!  At her checkup she weighed 12 lbs 5 oz (14%), 24 ¼ inches long (42%) with a head circumference of 41.5 cm (74%).  The below picture was taken before she received 3 shots.  Thankfully she only cried for a moment and recovered quickly.  She's a happy and healthy little girl.

At the Dr's office 2/28/2014
4 Months Young! 2/28/2014

Let me tell you she is just like her big brother at this age.  Carsyn is crazy for her hands, she can't keep them out of her mouth.  She's also drooling and blowing spit bubbles like nobody's business.  We have to put a bib on her or she soaks her outfit within minutes.  I've had several people ask if she's teething but I haven't seen any bumps on her gums yet.  Carsy is constantly grabbing things, including my hair!  When she gets a fistful she will not let go.  There's been quite a few times she's taken a good chunk of hair with her when I lay her down or when daddy takes her from me, ouch!  And it's not easy prying her little fingers open.

She's starting to really like her floor mat and dangling toys and there's been a few times that she's played with a rattle or her Oball.  I love how big her eyes become when she sees that rattle.  Besides those items she really hasn't shown an interest in other toys.  Carsyn prefers to be upright so she can check out her surroundings, she's so alert and curious.  She can be quite the cutie and oh so coy, smiling and hiding behind her hands, when daddy talks to her.  After a good meal she'll start jabbering up a storm.

sleeping on mommy 2/2/2014
The Dr told us it's time to try and get her to sleep through the night.  Her normal routine is to eat around 7pm and go to sleep by 9pm, she'll sleep until 2am at which point we feed her another bottle and she'll go right back to sleep until 6:30 or 7am.  Now that we can give her rice cereal I'm hoping that will sustain her longer and we can cut out that middle of the night feeding.

3 Month Pro Pic taken 2/2/2014

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