Monday, March 10, 2014

Random Ry Pics

Random pictures of Ryland so far this year.

Haircut to start the year off right! 1/2/2014

Holding baby sissy 1/7/2014
Icemen 1/24/2014
braving the ice storm 1/24/2014
Fun with the paper shredder 1/26/2014
Eating with chopsticks! 2/11/2014
Yay!  All the kids are asleep! A rare moment.  2/23/2014
Ry's new fav nap spot 2/25/2014
Like father like son 3/1/2014
That's right, Ry is in underwear in that picture.  We are SOOOOO close to being fully potty trained.  He's great about #1,  even tells us now that he needs to go.  But he still has mishaps here and there with #2.  He's been wearing underwear during the day for the past 1-2 weeks, and a nighttime diaper or pull up at night only.  99% of the time he wakes up dry! 

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