Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Months

Carsyn 5 Months Young - 3/28/2014
Our petite baby girl turned 5 months young on Friday 3/28.  Carsy weighed 13 lbs 7 oz and fits comfortably into 6 month clothes, although we can still stuff her in a few 3-6 month sizes.  She also started sitting up on her own a week before she turned 5 months.  Unfortunately she's still not sleeping through the night.  We have started her on rice cereal so I'm hoping that will help.  My guess is we need to be better about giving her more food at her last feeding to push her though the night.  
sitting up all by myself!
We've received many compliments on our little girl.  People love her eyes and tiny feet.  One night while out at dinner we had a couple of restaurant employees inform us that she needed to be a baby model!  Proud mama right here.  ;)  Ryland would get the same compliments about his eyes and hair.  Of course baby girl needs to grow some more hair to catch up to her big brother.  She doesn't have enough hair for me to use barrettes, so instead mommy has fun dressing her up in hairbands with giant flowers or bows.

rice cereal! 3/8/2014
Got milk?  I decided to stop pumping/nursing after 4 months, however since I was able to freeze a ton of milk Carsyn was still drinking breast milk until the day she turned 5 months.  :)  She's now fully on formula and takes up to 6 oz per bottle, although sometimes she'll only eat 4.  We've also started her on cereal!  

A couple weeks ago we started putting Carsyn in a sit-up position.  Lo and behold she maintained her balance for about a minute!  She likes to keep her arms up in the air so she will easily fall over.  Practice, practice, practice.  We've also been able to sit her in the highchairs at restaurants and she can support herself in an upright position on the floor and in her pack n play.  You go girl!  Work those abs. 

Sitting pretty 3/25
This little lady is STILL not sleeping through the night.  At her 4 month appointment the Dr told us to start breaking her from the middle of the night feeding.  I think that has only happened twice.  Even if we max her out on food at 9 pm she'll still wake up at 2:30 am like clockwork, after a bottle she'll go back to sleep until ~7 am.  Carsyn has also starting rolling over a lot during the night, she now prefers her stomach.  We still swaddle her so when she rolls to her stomach she looks a bit squashed against the mattress.  I worry about her breathing when she does that, so nerve racking!
Happy St Patty's day 3/17/2014
Carsyn is finally interested in her toys!  She loves her OBall, rattles and plastic rings.  Any toys that make noise cause her to open her eyes wide in amazement.   She still prefers to be close to mommy and daddy and can only stand to be in her bouncer or playpen for 15 mins if we're lucky.  At least she likes her swing again, which really helps to coax her into a nap.  Carsy is also chatting up a storm!  She squeals with delight, giggles and chatters away at us.  Our little girl is just a bundle of joy!
jump jump jump! 3/20

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