Monday, June 9, 2014

7 Months

Carsyn 7 Months Young, 17 lbs - 5/28/2014
Who's really starting to show her personality?  Baby girl Carsyn, that's who!  This little girl is really coming into her own.  She's a chatter box, I swear I even heard her say "mama" the other day, and she's an eater!  Carsy now weighs 17 lbs and wants food all the time.  I'm not talking about jar food (stage 2) either, she wants foods that she can pick up such as puffs, yogurt melts...she really does like her oatmeal cereal as well.  She also loves to drink water from mommy's cup.  Surprisingly enough see doesn't seem to want her bottle as much, sometimes she flat out refuses it!  Makes it kind of difficult when we're trying to give her that last bottle before bed so she'll sleep the whole night through.  Speaking of sleeping through the night, most of the time Carsyn makes it from 8:30pm-6:30am.  Of course we've had some rough nights in there where she drops her paci or just wakes up hungry at 3am.

Despite wanting all that food and more since she turned 7 months a couple weeks ago, she still has zero teeth!  The hubby swears her gums look a bit swollen, and we thought she was teething a couple weeks ago, but still no teeth.  Hopefully they'll make an appearance this next month.

Carsy has some great facial expressions.  She loves to smile and play with daddy.  She makes funny little noises when she's chattering away and when she gets mad, watch out!  Oh that face!  She can look so mean and serious (eyebrows furrowed and all).  But overall she's a very happy, energetic little girl.  She really loves her around-we-go and playing in the game room with Ryland.  This girl doesn't want to miss anything!  She'll follow people with her eyes all around the room, and she loves watching the dogs.  When mommy comes home from work she gets super excited and bounces around until I pick her up.  Ahhh, love...  :)

Check out Carsyn scooting/crawling backwards.  That's right, she pushes herself backwards.  Now we're just waiting for her to put it into first gear.  She will try and pull herself up if you hold her hands, she's so close to grasping both concepts on her own.  I'm hoping she's watching those other kids very closely at daycare and picks it up from them.
I push myself backwards
On mother's day we went to dinner at Rio Grande, and check it out below, she ate guacamole and loved it!  She just couldn't get enough.  A few days later we tried her on some more at the house, but the brand we bought must have had more spices and something else in there because she had an allergic reaction!  I freaked out when I first saw all the little pin dots show up on her arms, legs and neck.  We gave her some allergy medicine and kept her inside in the A/C and it started to go away.  Whew!  I thought we were going to have to take her to the ER at first.  Since then we haven't tried guac again, we want to wait a couple more months and then try plain avocado.
5/11 - Trying guac!  No spices please.
My lovable littles - 5/11, Mother's Day
Carsyn and Ryland are such a joy.  They are great with older bro-bro and sissy as well.  Just look at those adorable faces!
5/28 - siblings

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