Monday, July 14, 2014

8 Months

8 Months Young - 6/28/2014
Our little girl is 8 months young and curious as a cat!  We weighed her at 17.3 lbs, but then a few days later she went to the Dr with a sinus infection and weighed 17 lbs...go fig.  Carsyn is soooo close to crawling.  She will get up on 3 limbs and usually rests/drags/sits on the 4th limb (back leg).  She'll move her arms forward as well as one knee, but then will either go back to a sitting position or fall down.  We're just waiting for the last leg to move!  She will also grab a hold of the chairs or the ottoman and kinda peer over, almost pulling up but not quite all the way.  Again soooo close!
Almost crawling!
strike a pose
paws up baby
I can stay up if you stand me up ;)
Carsyn still doesn't have any teeth but that doesn't stop her from eating real food.  She will eat the squeeze bag foods (like applesauce and other mixes) but she refuses normal baby food in the jars.  She loves her yogurt melts, crunchies, puffs, chicken/turkey sticks, watermelon and even tries to go after our food.  We decided while we were at the beach we would feed her our food.  SHE LOVED IT!  Car-Car went to town on scrambled eggs, sausage, hot dogs, donut sticks, ice-cream, french fries, rice, etc.  Whatever we gave her (in small bites of course) she consumed without hesitation.  If she sees you eating something, she will look you straight in the eye and grunt.  Kinda like she's saying "I want that!".  And you better share or we have a very unhappy baby.  ;)  Whenever she can get her hands on a cup she'll drink from it like a big girl.  She can also sip from a straw which makes it much easier.

Food!  nom nom nom.  Port A trip. 6/25/2014
June was a very busy month.  Godparents Steve and Christina came to visit with their new baby Mason.  Ryland and Carsyn finally got to meet their cousin!  We had extended family pictures taken (coming soon) and then we went to Port A the last week in June.  Carsy wasn't sure what to make of all that sand and the ocean, but she hung in there!  Mostly she played with toys under the pop up, played with Mason and ate food.
hanging with cousin Mason and Godparents Uncle Steve and Aunt Christina - 6/21/2014
Beach baby, Port A. 6/25/2014
Dinner with Opa and Juju 6/25/2014
Carsyn and Mason 6/27

Worn out - Carsy and Ry 6/27/2014
Cousins 6/27/2014
Carsyn is very active, curious and vocal.  She loves playing with the tablet, mommy's phone, Ry's toys (while he's playing with them) or the TV remote.  Carsy's constantly looking around and exploring, she's very aware of her surroundings.  She also loves to cuddle and touch your face, arm, neck.  And this little lady can jabber!  We love her giggles, squeals of delight and grunts.  Right now Carsyn is all about mommy and is happy as a clam when I tote her around.  Of course that means Ry is all about mommy as well, it's a constant battle for mommy's lap!  :love:
Pool time 6/15/2014
Owl Love You Forever! 6/12/2014
Want to pinch those cheeks!
I see you! 6/21/2014

Where am I?  Exploring 6/21/2014

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