Monday, July 14, 2014

Crawling, Teeth AND Pulling up!

July has been a milestone of a month for Carsyn.  Three days after she turned 8 months she took off crawling and hasn't stopped!  The following week her bottom teeth FINALLY emerged!  Two of them broke through with a 3rd playing peek a boo on the gum line.  And to top it all off she started pulling-up this past Saturday (7/12)!  Now that she's mobile Carsyn is all over the house, this makes it much harder for mommy and daddy to keep track of her.  One minute she's in the living room playing with a toy, the next she's in the kitchen looking for food!  To our dismay she's discovered the stairs...guess it's time to put back up the baby gate.

We have teeth!  7/9/2014

Playing together

Carsyn crawling

Attempting the stairs

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