Thursday, August 28, 2014

10 Months

10 Months Young, 19 lbs 6 oz, 2 teeth.  8/28/2014
Our baby girl is FULL of personality.  Just check out these photos!  She has the cutest skrink face and adorable smile, plus she makes all kinds of cute noises (including a few not so cute noises...).  She has quickly gone from pulling up to standing on her own and taking a step or two.  We are pretty sure that she will be walking unassisted in another month!  I can't believe her 1 year birthday is only 2 months away!  I've got to start planning!

Carsyn is a baby on the move!  She can really cover some ground, especially now that she will walk with a chair or her walk n ride (see videos below).  We constantly have to put up the dog bowls because that's where she crawls to first, trying to eat dog food or playing in the water bowl.  I once found her with 5 pieces of dog food in her mouth!  Thankfully she hasn't swallowed any.  This girl thinks the entire house is hers, even invading our closet!  At least she's left the stairs alone...for now.  A couple weeks ago I finally decided she was big enough to try the outside swing and boy does she enjoy it, as long as you don't push her too high.  ;)

Swinging good time 8/9/2014

That's my swing!
Carsyn's love of food only continues to grow.  Most of the time she eats more than Ryland!  Anything you have, Miss Piggy wants.  And heaven forbid if you show her food then accidentally walk away, I'm amazed how vocal she becomes if you try and walk off with her food, not to mention her 'unhappy' facial expression.  She definitely takes after her mama when she gets hangry (watch out!), but once she's had her food she's a happy little girl.  Honestly she's a super happy, easy going baby just like her brother.
8/21 - I love looking at myself in the mirror
Daycare told us that they are ready to move Carsyn up to the next room.  Once she's in that room she can go part time.  I can't believe how fast she's growing and advancing.  I think the ladies in her current room are really going to miss her and her kisses.

Standing all by herself 8/9/2014

Walking with a chair 8/16/2014

Assisted walking with the walk n ride 8/16/2014

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