Monday, September 29, 2014

11 Months

11 Months Young, 19 lbs 10 oz, 2 teeth - 9/28/2014

How are we already at 11 months?  Our baby girl is growing up way too fast!  I've gone into overdrive planning her birthday party as well as our Halloween party and costumes - the month of October will be my undoing!  

Carsy has experienced a lot of firsts this past month and hit some milestones.  At 19.6 lbs she's a force to be reckoned with!  Food doesn't stand a chance against her; she sees it, it's devoured despite still only having 2 bottom teeth.  We also transitioned her to a big kid car seat, YAY no more infant carrier!!!  As for the biggest announcement, Carsyn is walking!  She decided on the day she turned 10 months to start walking (on 8/28 at 43.4 weeks old).  It started with 4 unsteady steps and from there she just took off.  Now she walks about the house like she owns it!  I still think her preferred mode of transportation is to be carried, especially by mommy (sucker!).  She will let Ry carry her around, though he really only does that when he's trying to get her away from 'his' toys.

Gonna get ya!
Who's there?

Carsyn loves her food.  We long ago gave up on baby foods.  We have yet to find a food she doesn't like.  In fact she'll eat bananas as long as it's uncut (Ry hated bananas at this age), fruits and veggies (peas/green beans/corn/broccoli, etc) and all meats.  Oh and don't forget the carbs!!  Bring on the pasta!  This girl loves her sweets too, especially ice cream.  The other day I sat down with some hummus, goat cheese and bread....lo and behold both children saunter over to me with hungry eyes.  These little leaches just wanted to be fed!  If mommy is eating...then so are they!
They both LOVE mac n cheese 9/9/2014

Car-Car does still take a bottle, but she's dropping them like hot cakes.  She now only drinks 2 bottles during the weekday, 1 bottle at daycare and 1 before bedtime.  On weekends I usually can get her to take 3 bottles (10am, 2 or 3pm, 7:45pm).  She does love to drink water and will do so from a sippy cup.  Just recently we've been able to get her to drink whole milk, but only if it's through a straw.  

It's football time! - 8/29/2014
She doesn't like the grass, but it's a great ab workout! 9/7/2014
Recently Carsy was promoted up to the next room at daycare.  She now only takes 1 nap a day at daycare.  Sometimes on the weekends we can get her to nap twice, but the 2nd nap more often than not dropped.  I've noticed that when she only gets in one nap that it really helps tire her out for the evening and she goes down a tad bit earlier.  She's been fairly consistent with going down around 8pm and sleeping until 6:30-7am.  Of course we do still have the occasional rough night where she wakes up a couple times, and sometimes just wakes up really early (say 5:30-6am). 

Lately Carsyn has been pretty fussy during the day.  We think she's trying to cut more teeth, but have yet to see them break through.  If that's what is going on, she needs to push through it and fast!  A Cranky baby = NO fun. 
Yup, I'm walking. 9/12/2014
I can't believe I haven't taken any pictures of Carsyn in the bathtub!  That will definitely make next months post.  Carsyn loves taking baths with her big brother Ry.  The two get along swimmingly in the water.  :)  At first Carsyn was scared of the water rushing out of the faucet, but has since adjusted and loves slapping at the water, playing with the water toys, and even standing up in the tub!  She giggles and shrieks with joy when Ry-baby plays her.

Ride that pony 9/14/2014
It's amazing how similar Carsyn is to Ryland when he was her age.  They are following each other fairly closely except for 2 things:  #1)  By this time Ry had 6 teeth, Carsyn only has 2.  #2) Ry had a FULL head of hair and had his first haircut at the end of 10 months.  Carsyn's hair is a little more sparse, it wasn't until this past month that she finally woke up with some bedhead!  ;)  Cutest thing ever!

Our little girl is advancing faster than we can fathom.  She's full of spunk, crazy smart and totally adorable.  This next month is going to fly by, and then we'll have a toddler on our hands AND a preschooler as Ry will almost be 4 yrs old!!!

Videos of Carsyn walking, talking and laughing.

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