Thursday, October 30, 2014

12 Months

12 Months Young 10/28 - 20 lbs 4 oz, 2 teeth 
OMG our little lady is a toddler!  She's been walking since she was 10 months old, climbs stairs like a BOSS (though coming down is a bit of a challenge) and travels the house and grounds like she owns it!  She knows exactly want she wants and will point to things and grunt (uh!).  Sometimes it sounds like she is saying 'mama' but I'm not sure if that is just baby babble or really talking.  She's even figured out that food is stored in the pantry and fridge, and when she's hungry she will get into them (if open) and try to get out the food she wants.  Usually this consists of cheese, fruit or apple sauce pouches.  She's actually a hearty eater, loves her veggies and meats...but if you put mac n cheese in front of her that's it, everything else is ignored.  When she's full she will throw food on the floor to clear her tray.  

eating mac n cheese, nom nom nom - 10/14

Carsyn weighed 20 lbs and 4 oz (40%), was 29" in long (50%) with a head circumference of 46.7 cm (80%) at her 12 month checkup.  She didn't get her shots because she had some red spots on her legs and the Dr wasn't sure if she was coming down with chicken pox (most likely they were ant bites), so she goes back in a week for her shots.  Other than ant bites the Dr said she looks great.  One nice thing is we are finally done with formula and bottles!  YAY!  Now that she's a year old we can transition to whole milk.  We've been testing her out on milk for the past month and it's gone really well, plus she's been using sippy cups for a couple months now, time to chuck the bottles!  Carsy still only has 2 bottom teeth!!  I keeping singing to her "All I want for Christmas is my 2 top teeth!"...or all of them for that matter.  ;)  At least it's a quick and easy process for us to brush her teeth.  Also she now has enough hair to put hair bows and clips on her head without a headband!

feeding herself - 10/5
Car-Car is all about mommy.  She doesn't like it when I leave a room without her.  If she happens to be walking around and sees me, she'll come over and grab my leg and look up at me expectantly.  If I don't pick her up she sounds the alarm!  Once she's in my arms she's a happy little camper.  She also loves being outdoors.  Carsy is constantly pointing at the windows, letting us know she wants to go outside.  She loves exploring and tries to crawl up the slide on our playscape and likes to swing in the swing with mommy or daddy.  When Ry jumps on his motorcycle, Carsy wants to travel right along with him in her stroller.  This makes for hours of entertainment for these two, and lots of walking for mom and dad.

loves it outside, on playscape at school - 10/6
Carsy is now part time at daycare.  Two times a week she goes to Opa and Juju's house with Ry.  I'm sure the grandparents will discover tons of new things with Car-Car around, in fact they discovered the other day that she will wave to you if you wave at her.  They have a tiny kids recliner at their house which Carsy will crawl into, turn around and sit looking at you intently.  If you wave to her she waves back!  Then she will slowly scoot out of the chair, landing firmly on her feet and she's off again.  Carsy will also give open mouth/tongue out kisses every once in a while.  "Slimy yet satisfying." ;)  (The Lion King)

Sat morning cartoons 10/5
Adorable - 10/7/2014
Halloween is just around the corner, this happens to be mommy's favorite holiday!   We throw a big Halloween party and every chance I get the kids are in Halloween clothes as evident below.  :)

Best pumpkins in the patch!
One year ago (10/28) our daughter Carsyn entered the world and changed our lives.  She's a curious, intelligent, loving, sweet, delightful little girl with an adorable laugh.  We love you so very much!  Happy 1st Birthday Carsyn!

We put together a ladybug themed party for Carsy the weekend before her birthday, which will be my next post.  I still can't believe how quickly this year flew by, and now our gorgeous girl is heading into year 2!  Below are some pictures of her eating cake on her birthday.  <3

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