Wednesday, December 31, 2014

14 Months

Carsyn is 14 months young and such a doll!  She has the sweetest disposition and laughs/giggles all the time.  She loves to have books read to her and her favorite toys are these 2 little plush monkeys, all her push toys (ball popper, baby stroller, wagon, etc) and Ryland's toys.  Carsyn weighs about 21/21 lbs and still only has 2 teeth!  I thought for sure her top ones would pop through this month in time for Christmas, but they are still in hiding.  You can see the top 4 main teeth just below the gums, why they haven't managed to break free yet we can't figure out, but it gives her the cutest little toothless grin.

Carsyn is down to one nap a day, usually from 12-2pm and she now refuses to use her highchair.  We've switch her to a booster seat and she's much happier.  This girl just loves to eat!  She also loves to go outside and when she thinks you are leaving the house she will go to the closet and demand her coat.  We've been taking a lot of walks lately (Ry on his tractor and Carsy in her stroller) and trips to the park.  This girl loves to slide!  Usually she goes down hands first on her belly, but every once in a while she will go feet first or even backwards.  She's so adventurous!
No more highchair, onto booster!  12/22

Going down the slide at daycare 11/26

Safari champs

We took Carsy and Ry to Safari Camps and she held in there with the bigger kids!  We had several moms stop us to find out her age, they couldn't believe she was only 1 year old and walking as well as she does.  Ever since she started walking at 10 months we haven't been able to stop her!  She's so athletic and has amazing control over her body.  She definitely acts older than she 18 (MONTHS!).  ;)

Safari Champs - 12/20

Right before Christmas a local photographer was looking for baby models for a designer.  I responded to the ad (which happened to be in the neighborhood) and was able to take Carsyn to the test shoot.  The designer loved this test picture (below) so much that she chose it for her fall collection!  My little girl is the one on the left.  And so it begins!  One happy, proud mama right here!

Carsyn and Ava modeling for Zaza Couture 

cuties - 12/23
xmas eve

Merry Christmas!
Pushing Ry in her baby stroller - 12/29

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