Thursday, January 29, 2015

15 Months

We have teeth!  Carsyn has finally cut some top teeth, it looks like one upper lateral and one upper central incisor have poked through with 2 more in close pursuit.  The funny thing is that the 2 that are through are on opposite sides so she still looks like a funny old man missing teeth.  My guess is that she's going to have a slew of them pop through in the next couple days/weeks.  I haven't tried taking a picture yet because she DOES NOT enjoy us poking and prodding around in her mouth, she turns bright red and throws a fit.  At least we've got her on the right track and have been brushing the few teeth she has for the past few weeks, she loves toothpaste and will demand more on her brush!  I just wish she felt this way about baths, she screams bloody murder if we put her in the tub.  For the moment she prefers to take showers with mommy.

Carsyn has also started to talk.  I will admit some of it still sounds like baby babble, but other times we know exactly what she's attempting to say.  
List of words so far:
Oh no!  (puts hands on head)
ba'  (ball, she says this every time I read her this one book that contains colorful plastic balls)
baba (Grandpa on daddy's side is known as Baba....this could be coincidence though)
Ry-Ry (she loves her brother!)
please (signs it)
more (signs it)

Carsy is so sweet with her stuffed animals.  She has these 2 monkeys that she just LOVES and will hold and cuddle them as if she were their mommy.  She does like to dance as well, especially to the Mickey Mouse hot dog dance.  When she hears that music come on at the end of the show she will rush to the TV to bop up and down and sway side to side.  Super cute!   However watch out if you make her mad, she's totally got that angry look down.

Jumping on trampoline at Nana's 1/19/2015
This girl is growing up so fast!  Recently she has started demanding to sit in her kitchen chair without a booster seat.  We had to bring back out the kids table and chairs so her and Ryland could enjoy meals together without us worrying about her falling out of our high kitchen table chairs.  Most mornings Carsy and Ry will share a bowl of oatmeal together at the kids table, she loves this new morning routine.  Of course at dinner time we all sit at the big table so she will begrudgingly sit in her booster.

Popsicles at Opa and Ju-Ju's - 1/6/2015

For a while there Carsyn was eating way more than Ryland.  It was amazing the amount of food she'd put down, and then she'd crash by 8pm on the dot!  I think she was going through a growth spurt, perhaps building up the energy to push those teeth out?!  :)  She seems to have slowed down a bit on all the food lately, albeit she always goes for her snacks (apple sauce, fruit, cheese, etc).  I swear it's suicide hour(s) when we get home from work.  From ~5-7pm these kids are insane; constant whining for food, taking toys from each other, melt only subsides after their appetites have been appeased.  AMOK AMOK AMOK!

1st pony tail! 1/6/2015

Carysn is crazy energetic, she's trying desperately to keep up with Ryland.  They love to climb up and down the stairs together and she really loves the playscapes at the park.  Lately on weekends we've been taking Ry out on his bike or one of his motorized vehicles and Carsyn loves to follow in either the wagon, her stroller, and/or most recently the little tykes cozy truck (so much fun for mommy as I have to push her).  Thankfully Carsyn still takes naps once a day, usually from noon-2pm.  This gives us a much needed break on weekends.  Even Ry will calm down around this time and relax by watching a movie or playing games on our phones.  Anything for quiet time...

Outside adventures 1/18/2015
Rocking siblings 12/30/2014
Always together 1/16/2015
Dino park fun 1/17/2015

Eating batter, YUM! 1/22/2015
Phil's Icehouse 1/25/2015


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