Saturday, February 28, 2015

16 Months

WE HAVE TEETH!!  Tons of teeth!  Within a 2 week period 8 teeth emerge from Carsyn's gums:  4 front top incisors and 2 molars, 2 bottom lateral incisors and 2 molars.  The funny thing is they dropped several days apart so they are currently uneven in length, she looks a little hillbilly-ish.  At least she finally has some chompers to help with all the food she consumes.

Teeth!  When they first started dropping.  Fun for everyone!  1/30/2015
Carysn is now 22.6 lbs and a ball of fire.  You can't slow this girl down, except for when she crashes during nap time.  :)  She loves to play with her big brother Ry, the two of them are usually in cahoots somewhere.  Her newest game she likes to play is to run down the hall, turn around and eyeball you, then come running at you. Once she reaches us we toss her up in the air and set her back down and she repeats the process.  She will do this for quite awhile, usually until we get tired.  Car-Car also loves books.  She can't get enough of them and at bedtime she will go through 8-10 books!  Carsy and Ry will fight over the same books...the same toys...sigh, siblings.
Cutting teeth is hard work, crash. 1/31/2015

Carsyn has added a couple new words to her small vocabulary, she says 'mama' and 'dada' now, however her main form of communication is still grunting.  It's amazing how much Carsy understands even though she really isn't talking yet.  We'll ask her questions all the time and she always surprised us with her response.  She's just too smart for her own good!  
  • "It's time for dinner" - Carsy will run to her chair and try to climb into her booster seat, so ready for food!
  • "Do you need a diaper?" - Runs to her changing table.
  • "time to change clothes, hands up" - raises her hands so you can pull her shirt off
  • When we ask her yes or no questions, she will shake her head yes or no depending on what she wants.
  • "Where's your belly button" - picks up her shirt and looks for her belly button
  • "Want to go outside" - grunts, points to window, gets really excited...she loves being outside
  • "let's put your coat on" - runs over to her coat and starts putting her arms in the sleeves
  • "ready for bed?" - waves goodbye to everyone, gives kisses (tongue out), runs for the stairs.  :)

February was a busy month filled with birthday parties, snakes, sweeping the sidewalks, painting and eating cookie dough (just like their mommy).  So blessed to have happy, healthy and loving kids.    
Mt Playmore for a bday party 2/1/2015

The kids loved climbing the playscapes, so did mommy and daddy.
Painting at daycare, so talented. 2/2/2015

She loves to stack blocks, budding engineer? 2/28/2015
Fun with snakes 2/7/2015
Happy Valentines 2015!

Street sweepers, child labor :)  2/15/2015
Definitely my offspring, we love cookie dough! 2/15/2015

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