Tuesday, April 28, 2015

18 Months

Our little lady is 1.5 yrs old!!  I can't believe Carsyn is 18 months young already, how time flies. At her her 18 month checkup she was still in the 25% for weight at 22 lbs and 10 oz, height just over 50% at 32" and head around 80% at 47.9cm.  As we missed her 15 month checkup (just like Ry) she had to catch up on some shots and received 3 total.  The Dr is happy with her progress, except for her speech.  At this point she should be saying at least 10 words.  The only words we've really heard are 'mama' and 'ouch', the rest is just baby babble.  Carsy understands everything we say though, she will even nod her head yes or shake it back and forth for no when we ask her questions.  When it's time for bed she waves bye bye and gives kisses and if you ask her if she needs a diaper she'll nod her head, pat her backside and head for the changing table.  ;)  She's a smart cookie, once she decides to speak I bet it will be in full sentences!  Carsy also recently moved up to the next classroom at daycare.  Our little girl is growing up!

Like my new shoes? 3/27/2015

As Easter was this month the kids experienced tons of egg hunts and sugar rushes.  Thankfully the candy inhaling only lasted a couple days before they forgot about their stashes.  The day before Easter we went to Opa and Juju's house for an eggs Benedict breakfast and a backyard egg hunt.  Carsy and Ry had a blast, they loved playing with those eggs and discovering the goodies within.  Carsyn especially liked her solid chocolate bunny.
egg hunt at Opa and Juju's
chocolate bunny
Carsy was so cute when she woke up Easter morning and saw her basket (the bunny on the right).  She immediately grabbed it and started hugging/loving on it.  She thought it was a toy!  All her Easter goodies fell out of it, but she didn't mind.  We also hid some eggs around the house for them to find.
Easter morning 4/5/2015
enjoying their treats
Later that day we went over to a friends house for an Easter celebration.  They had a HUGE Easter egg hunt around the entire house, tons of food and cascarones.  This was our first time participating in the confetti egg fun.

Easter Sunday fun 4/5/2015

hunting for eggs
Cascarones or confetti eggs
Cascarones or confetti eggs
Car-Car loves food, most of the time she'll out eat her brother.  Lately bananas have been a big one for her, she's constantly wanting them and she will eat the entire thing!  I've actually been able to get her to make monkey noises while holding her banana.  :snicker:
Our little monkey - LOVES bananas 4/15/2015
blocks at daycare 4/24/2015

Carsy is definitely an outside kid.  She loves taking walks in her wagon, going to the park and playing in the water...except for sprinklers, she currently HATES getting wet via a sprinkler.  I'm not sure why as this girl loves the shower...kinda the same thing right???  Car-Car is pretty brave, she'll even climb up rock walls by herself!  She also likes to taunt you when she reaches the top, leaning over like she might fall off and then smiling and laughing at you when she sees your worried face.  Not to mention Carsy loves her brother and tries to do everything he does, and she's successful most of the time!  She's such a sweet, smart, loving, adorable crazy girl!  <3

Carsyn climbs all by herself 4/18/2015
she hates the sprinkler, prefers the pool 4/21/2015
She does everything big brother does
sun bathing 4/25/2015

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