Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ry's pre-K ready!

Our little boy is registered for Pre-K!!!  We're super excited for Ry to start school in September.

In anticipation of this grueling task I spent months (Sept of 2014, yes really) researching all the paperwork.  I wanted to make sure we had all the info and dates so that we wouldn't be caught unaware.  About a month before the registration date I printed off all required paperwork and consolidated it in a top secret file.  My hubby was locked and loaded, coffee in hand, eagerly awaiting and prepped for battle.  He stood outside in the blistering cold (60 degrees) Tuesday morning for hours (6:15am-7:30am) waiting for the registrars doors to open so he could register our little boy for pre-K, he was #16 in line and they only had 22 spots to fill!  Thankfully they opened the doors early, the entire appliance process took over an hour and had to be filled out on-site.  When the smoke cleared, Ry was #12 on the list, he was IN!  Big boy on campus.  :)

Ready to tackle life

This guy!  :wink:

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