Tuesday, July 28, 2015

21 Months

Carsyn has really grown up the past couple of months, or so it feels like to me.  :)  We've started taking away her paci during the day, she only gets it at nap time and bedtime, and she's been talking WAY more.  The nice thing is she actually hasn't seemed to miss her paci.  I'm hoping we'll be able to fully break her of it within the next month.  I think she's also grown taller and she definitely feels heavier than before.  This girl is ALL muscle at 26 lbs and she wears 18-24 month clothing.  Carsy climbs up playscapes and rock walls like a boss, and since ISR swim lessons she's become a guppy!  She loves the water and can't get enough of swimming to mommy in the pool.  

Happy 4th of July!

Veteran's memorial park for a pool party 7/5/2015
They loved that slide
I think we are also ready to try potty training this next month, heck we've already procured pull-ups.  Carsy is great about telling us when she's gone #2 and needs a new diaper.  We have a small training potty that she has sat on a couple times and has successfully gone #1 (only once though)!  We still have Ry's training toilet seat to use as well.  How awesome would that be to have her potty trained by the time she's 2!!  I'm so ready to be done with diapers...she's almost too big to fit on her changing table now anyways.

Everyone is napping but Carsy! She's watching Beauty/Beast 7/12/2015

Right now Carsy's favorite movies are Wreck It Ralph, Hotel Transylvania and Beauty and the Beast. It's great because she will quietly sit there watching those movies throughout the day.  So when mommy and daddy need down time we put on a movie and she is mesmerized.  :)  Lately she's been pushing her bedtime and not going down until close to 9pm.  These kids are night owls!

She loves to swing like a big girl, she does everything her big brother does. 7/17/2015
Carysn loves playing with her big brother Ry, she follows him everywhere.  For the most part they play really well together, but like all siblings after awhile they do irritate each other.  My favorite moments of them together are when he helps Carsy into her chair, when they give each other hugs & kisses and when they sit down side by side to watch a tv show together.  Melts my heart!

Love my little girl, Love my little boy.  Love them!  
our little unicorn 7/18/2015
Heading to the pool 7/19/2015
cousins 7/26/2015

Jumping in the pool together 7/25/2015

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