Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Ryland had a very busy Memorial Day weekend and met several more family members.  :)

Unkie Bob arrived Thursday afternoon to meet Ryland.  Ryland was on his best behavior for Unkie Bob, even allowing us to eat dinner together while he napped.
Unkie Bob 5/26

Unkie Steve and Aunt LC (little Christina) flew in Friday evening for a visit.  They spent the entire weekend playing with Ryland, giving him a bath, feeding him and changing him!  Saturday we went to a friends house for a Memorial day BBQ. This was our first big get together with all of our friends kids, and I'm pleased to say it went splendidly!  We even went to Sam's boat for lunch on Sunday to introduce Steve and LC to crawfish.  Good times!

Uncle Steve

Bath time 5/28

Aunt LC (little Christina)
Crawfish time!

Mommy and Ryland at Sam's Boat 5/29

Mommy and I taking a 2 hour nap! 5/28

After Steve and LC left Monday morning, we went to Baba's house for lunch.  Baba even took the kids to the pool, giving the hubby, baby and I time to nap.  We definitely needed it after our busy weekend!
Lunch and swimming (and napping) at Baba's house

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