Saturday, November 24, 2012

19 Months

This past month has been crazy busy!  HalloweenTouch A Truck, Wurstfest, dentist appointment and a trip to the hospital.  Good grief!  Lets start off with the not so scary stuff.  

This year for Halloween (<-- link to more pics) my hubby and I dressed up as Lion-O and Cheetara from the 80's cartoon Thundercats, Ry was our baby tiger cub Tygra.  :)  For Ryland we converted a Tigger costume by adding a Thundercats patch, my husband found a shirt from Goodwill and altered some of his workout gear to make his costume and I found the pieces for my costume online (orange leotard, yellow tights, Thundercats patches).  My greatest find was my orange gogo boots from Goodwill!  :)  This was Ry's first year trick or treating, and he had a blast!  I think he actually enjoyed passing out candy and greeting the trick or treaters the most. 
Thundercats - Ho! 10/27/2012

Happy Halloween!  10/31/2012

ready to take on the hood

The following Sat was the Touch A Truck (<-- link to more pics) event in Round Rock.  Ry is all about trucks, construction vehicles and giant wheels.  :)  This event allows children the opportunity to explore vehicles of all types - public service, emergency, utility, construction, transportation, etc.  He absolutely loved watching the excavator in action and playing with the firetruck tires.

Touch A Truck 11/3/2012

mini excavator 


The next day we headed to New Braunfels for Wurstfest (<-- link to more pics).  Ry was so excited he totally skipped his nap.  Going on a Sunday is AWESOME as it's less crowded which gave us plenty of time to enjoy the food booths and carnival rides with little to no lines!  Ry rode a carousel for the first time and danced with his cousins in Wursthalla.

Carousel at Wurstfest 11/4/2012

Dance baby dance!!!

cousin love

Ry had his very first dentist appointment in Nov.  We took him to Small Smiles which caters to kids and had plenty of kid friendly toys in the waiting room (including video games!).  After a brief tour we headed back to a semi private room to begin.  I wish I had snapped a shot of him in the dentist chair as he was all smiles and having fun sliding down the seat.  It was all fun and games until we actually had to begin the cleaning.  Ry Sat in my lap and I leaned him back into the dental hygienist lap.  The cleaning was quick, less than a minute, however he screamed the entire time.  I didn't realize how many teeth Ry actually had, even his canines are in!  At home he stands with us at the sink as we brush his teeth, so now we have to get him used to laying down.  Overall a good visit and Ry received an A- on his dental exam. 

At dentist office 11/14/2012

The cleaning!

Now onto the scary stuff.  The day before Ry turned 19 months, he woke up slightly warm.  We didn't think too much of it because he was acting normal, running around and playful.  We had a busy morning and took off by 8:30am for Emma's volleyball game, afterwards we took Ry in for a haircut and followed that up with an early lunch at Pluckers.  While we waited for our food Ry fell asleep on me (11:30ish).  He was still a little warm but we figured he was just sleepy as it was close to his nap time.  
waiting for our food...tasting lemons

sleepy baby

We left shortly after noon, and Ry was awake for the car ride home.  Once home I took him straight up to his room and he was out.  Just a few minutes later I heard a strange noise from the monitor.  On closer inspection of the video monitor it looked like Ry had the hiccups...but they were strange hiccups.  I decided to go upstairs and check on him in person.  Ry didn't acknowledge me when I entered the room.  As I got closer to the crib I noticed his entire body was convulsing and he didn't respond when I touched his back.  That's when I noticed his eyes were rolled up in his head, drool everywhere and his lips were blue.  I immediate grabbed him, ran downstairs and called for my husband.  Malek turned him on his stomach and was thumping his back while I called 911.  Ry wasn't making any noises and his body was completely limp.  Finally after about 1 min Ry started making a strange moaning sound, like nothing we've ever heard before from him, but at least he was breathing.  The paramedics and firefighters arrived shortly after that and started to work on Ry.  They took one look at him and said he'd had a febrile seizure due to a sudden spike in temperature, which is apparently very common for his age.  They immediately started to cool him down, removed his clothes, placed cold towels on his body and gave him some oxygen, his temp was 103.5 (probably higher than that before they arrived).  A minute or so later Ry finally gave a normal cry.  I have never been so scared in my entire life, I thought we were going to lose him.  It looked like he'd had a stroke.  As soon as he was stable the paramedics put him in his car seat, on the gurney and into the ambulance.  I rode with him to Dell Children's hospital.  The Dr told us Ry would be out of it for quite a while, a febrile seizure is equivalent to him running a marathon.  Ry recovered quickly at the hospital and they released us after 3 hours or so.  We still aren't sure what caused the fever as his throat, nose and ears were all clear.  By the 4th day his fever finally broke.  Thankfully these type of seizures do not cause any permanent damage and Ry will make a full recovery.  Now go hug your children.

Exiting the ambulance at Dell Children's Hospital 11/17/2012

back at home

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