Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Potty Training (IP)

We've been working on potty training Ryland now for a few months.  He's come a long way since we started.  Most of the time he's in pull-ups, but on the weekends when we are at home he'll wear his undies.  We started off by rewarding him with an M&M everytime he went on the potty, now we don't have to give him any sweets.  In just the past 2 weeks he's made vast improvements!  He loves making bubbles, going #1 while standing which causes bubbles to form in the potty.  He'll also get super exited when he makes nuggets (#2) in the potty; running out of the bathroom, yelling excitedly and giving you a high 5.  Hey man, whatever works, right!?!  He's started telling us that he needs to use the potty versus us telling him to go every hour (yes, EVERY hour!).  He's also started waking up dry, not a single drop in his overnight diaper, which is AWESOME!  He's so so close to being fully trained.  Occasionally he does have his accidents, and of course when he's in a pull-up we aren't as dedicated about making him go every hour.  But progress is progress and we're super proud of our little guy.  Heck, he even went to the bathroom all by himself at Chili's, locking me out of the stall no less.  I had to climb on the toilet in the stall next to him just to peer over the wall and see how he was doing.  He had made a huge nugget in the toilet!  I was so excited I almost took a picture, then realized what I was doing and had to reel myself in.  ;)  :proudmommymoment:

Back to Work

I'm back at work now, this past Friday was my last day of leave (1/10).  It's amazing how quickly 11 weeks flies by, especially during the holidays.  My maternity leave managed to encompass Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!  Perfect timing actually.  :)  As of Monday Carsyn has been going to my parents house, they will watch her until she's 6 months and then she'll attend daycare full time. It's nice having relatives live so close.

Her first day at Opa and Juju's went OK.  She slept fine and wasn't too fussy, however she refused to finish her bottles.  Apparently she'd only eat 1.5 out of 4.5 oz every 4 hours!  Carsy just needs to get used to being around other people.  I picked her up at 5pm and she finished her bottle no problem with me.  Mommy makes it all better.  :D

Smile! 1/2/2014
You so crazy!
cutie 1/11/2014

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2 Months

2 Months Young - 12/28/2013

Carsyn turned two months young on 12/28 and had a great checkup.  She measured 21.75" (16%), weighed 10 lbs 1 oz (17%) and her head circumference was 39.2 cm (74%).  How in the world I managed to make such a petite baby I'll never fathom, she's much smaller than Ryland was at this time, although their head circumference is almost the same (Ry was 40 cm).  Carsy did receive shots this time around, 3 shots total and 1 oral, and she only cried for a short amount of time.  Thank goodness as it's hard for me to see my baby so upset.  The Dr is very happy with her progress.  She's very alert, has started smiling and loves to talk to us (cooing, squeals, etc).

sleeping on mommy 12/8/2013
love my bumbo 12/17/2013
Carsyn definitely prefers to be in an upright position.  We've tried her out several times in her bumbo and jumper, which she'll tolerate for 30 mins max.  What she really wants is for you to hold her up, but that gets very tiring very quickly.  Tummy time is still a challenge, she doesn't last more than 5 mins before crying...or she falls asleep.  ;)  Carsy is a fairly decent sleeper at night, usually waking up only once around 3 am to feed, but there have been a few nights where she's had one of us up every 2 hours and she'll only fall asleep if you're holding her.  :SIGH:  Lately after her 3 am feeding I've been using the swing to help lull her back to sleep.

tummy time fail = sleeping 12/18/2013
Carsyn loves the shower!  I think she finds the warm water soothing on her back, she never fusses when she's in the shower with mommy or daddy.  She's still eating about 4.5 ounces at a time.  We've tried bumping her up but she wont do it.  In the evenings she's a bit more ravenous and requires another 2 oz a couple hours after a feeding.  She's such a cutie after eating; smiling, cooing and talking.
All Mommy wants is a silent night 12/13/2013
This was Carsyn's 1st Christmas and she had the honor of sitting on Santa's lap at two different events.  She did great, of course she has no clue who Santa is, we still have yet to get Ry to sit in Santa's lap without freaking out.  We also took the kids to the Trail of Lights and Round Rock Rock'N Lights, ToL was great but we'll definitely wait to go back until the kids are much older (in 5 more years).  Carsyn enjoyed dressing up for all the holiday parties, Christmas eve church service and family gatherings.  I especially loved her red flower hat, very festive.  :)

Santa at the Oasis 12/1/2013
worn out at the HOA party 12/14/2013
Santa and family 12/14/2013
Trail of Lights 12/18/2013
Christmas morning
opening gifts
awesome owl mat
Christmas at Opa & Juju's