Friday, November 12, 2010

18 weeks

How I Look - Same as last weight change. I do have a small bump...some days it feels HUGE though.
How I Feel -  Great!  Some of my pants feel a bit snug around the waistline...I tried on some maternity pants and they are oh so comfy, but still a bit big.  So I'm still wearing my regular jeans and low waisted pants.
Symptoms - I can breathe!!  The humidifier I borrowed from my brother-in-law is working wonders.  I can finally breathe through my nose while sleeping.  :D
Cravings -  Oreos!  I had bought some Halloween ones (with orange centers) a couple weeks ago and finally broke into them this past week with a big glass of milk.  I pretty much ate half of the box, Malek finished off the rest.  And I'm still wanting more!
Exercise -  I managed to run twice this past week, and hit the elliptical once.  This past Sunday was the Race for the Cure and I ran an average pace of 9:16!!  Not bad for being 17 weeks pregnant at the time.  :) 
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Still waiting to feel the baby move/kick.  I thought maybe I felt something this past week...but chalked it up to digestion or gas.  :^P 
Odds and Ends - This week the baby's hair and reproductive organs are forming!  Soon we will know if we are having a little prince or princess.  And last night I dreamt about baby names.  I kept hoping my mind would come up with a name we hadn't yet thought of...but I don't remember any new ones.  Oh well...and yes, I dreamt about both girl and boy names.  :D
18 weeks - 11/12/2010

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