Friday, February 18, 2011

32 weeks

How I Look - I received a lot of compliments this week on how I look and I'm still able to wear heels.   :D
How I Feel -  I thought I was over my sickness on Thurs, but I was wrong.  It came back with a vengeance over the weekend.  So I finally went to the Doctor Monday morning and found out I had a slight case of bronchitis.  A Z-Pak and nasal spray later and I'm feeling so much better!  Thank goodness for drugs.
Weight -   +18.5 lbs overall.  Holding steady from last week.
Symptoms -  This week the lower back pain has been minimal to non-existent.  What a nice break!  Instead I've been extremely tired even though I'm getting plenty of sleep at night.  By the time I arrive at work all I want to do is crawl under my desk and take a nap.  And of course it sucks getting up to pee every 10 mins.....
Cravings -  Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  One day I managed to have a decaf mocha and  slice of choc bread for breakfast from the bistro, GS peanut butter patties (5 of them!) as a snack and then for dessert choc ice cream.  I'm in a chocolate rage!  :Þ
Exercise -  Only made it to the gym once this week since I was still recovering from bronchitis. 
What I'm Looking Forward To -  My baby shower in 2 weeks!  Plus my mommy will be in town and can help me get a few more things ready; perhaps go with me to buy nursing bras, help pack my hospital bag, etc.
What I'm Not Looking Forward To -  Our first childbirth class is this Saturday, and it's 5 hours long!  This should be interesting, they called and told me to bring a pillow for my back.  The 2nd part of this class is on the following Sat for yet another 5 hours.  Ugh!
Odds and Ends - I had a checkup this morning and everything looks great.  Baby's heartbeat is 142 and I'm measuring right on track.  I did ask about my weight and the Dr said I'm doing just fine, that I'm one of the healthiest pregnant ladies they've seen today.  Okey-dokey!  I think baby might be head down (or heading that way)...I've noticed that now most of the kicks are towards the top instead of on the side or down I'm hoping he's moving into position!  Not sure when my next ultrasound will be, they said they would try to get one more in later on to determine the baby's weight.  From here on out I will be going to the Dr every two weeks.  I also can't pick an induction date until week 38.  I won't induce early unless the Dr says I need to because of the baby's weight.  I just want to make sure I don't go late, so I'd like to be able to induce the day after my due date (or close to it) if possible!

32 weeks - 2/18/2011
I just realized the majority of my pictures are taken with me wearing jeans, probably because that's always casual Friday at work.  :)  I'll try to wear a skirt or slacks next time.

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