Friday, March 18, 2011

36 weeks

How I Look - My baby belly seems enormous!  This kid is close to 6 lbs now (or so says the Internet) and he still has 4 weeks of growth left.  How can I get any bigger!?
How I Feel -  Feeling really good.  My legs tend to cramp up at night based on my sleeping position, other than that no issues.
Weight -   +25.5 lbs overall. 
Symptoms -  I've noticed a little bit of pressure in my pelvic area.  I don't think the baby's 'dropped' yet, he's just very squirmy as his living quarters become more cramped.  My hip joints are popping all the time now whenever I sit down.  At least it's not painful, just very loud and startling.
Cravings -  Milk and pears, though not at the same time.  :)  And Reese's peanut butter cups!
Exercise -  Went to the gym for the last time on Monday.  On Wed I decided with only 4 weeks left that I could take it easy. :)  Now for exercise I'm focusing on walks around the work campus or in the evenings with the doggies.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Meeting our little one and time off from work.  :)
What I'm Not Looking Forward To -  If my water breaks at work.  :/  Another reason why I decided to quit the gym, I didn't want any embarrassing situations to arise while on the elliptical.
Odds and Ends - I packed my hospital bag Monday night.  There's still a couple items I need to add, but overall it's done!  The hubby still needs to add his stuff to the bag.  From here on out I now have weekly Dr's appointments.  My Dr appointment this morning went really well: I'm 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced!   Baby's heart beat is 136 and I'm measuring right on track.  Now I feel like I really have to scurry around to finish up the last few remaining things (email list, call list, etc).  I'll have my third ultrasound next Friday, so hopefully they can get an estimate of baby's weight.  I'm definitely getting more and more anxious for delivery.  I've had quite a few dreams now where the baby has come early and we don't have everything ready.  I hate being unprepared! 
‎30 days left as of 3/16/2011 - 35 weeks and 5 days along.

36 weeks 3/18/2011

36 week baby bump!

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