Friday, March 25, 2011

37 weeks - Full Term!

How I Look - Belly is large and in charge!
How I Feel -  I've been fairly uncomfortable the past 2 weeks, everyone has told me the last month is the toughest.  I don't like bending over and it's extremely hard to get up off the couch.  Also the occasional lower back aches have returned.  :(  Other than that I'm just peachy. 
Weight -   +28.5 lbs overall. 
Symptoms -  Lots of pressure in my pelvic area and overall belly.  Surprisingly this kid is kicking a lot despite running out of room.  Heck my belly overall is sore and uncomfortable.
Cravings -  Ice cream!  The past week and a half I've eaten ice cream almost every day.  And I'm still loving pears.
Exercise -  Walking and the energy I exert trying to get up off that darn couch.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Having this whole pregnancy done and over with!  This kid is cooked and so am I.
What I'm Not Looking Forward To -  Dreading a long labor.....fingers crossed for a short one.
Odds and Ends - This weekend we were supposed to go on our babymoon/anniversary trip to San Antonio, however a little thing called March Madness got in the way.  All the hotels were booked for the entire weekend due to the Fri and Sun games at the Alamodome, plus there was no way we wanted to be in the middle of all that mayhem.  So alas we will stay home this weekend and enjoy a nice dinner out for our 1 year anniversary.  I also ordered us a 1 year anniversary cake from the same lady who made our wedding cake.  :)  On Thursday I went to a Mamacents VIP (very important preggers) sale with Amanda.  I scored tons of sleepers and a cool exersaucer/walker, even picked up a swim suit for the little tike.  ;)  I had my third ultrasound this morning followed by my Dr's appointment.  Baby is healthy and in the 50th percentile.  Right now he weighs 6lbs 11 oz and is on track to be a 7.5-8lb baby (or so the Dr says).  Amanda says I won't make it 3 weeks and if I did the baby would be 10 lbs!  All his vitals were great, he's head down and right on track.  I'm still 2 cm and 50% effaced, no change there.  My Group B strep culture was negative, so no antibiotics needed.  :)  I'm so ready for the weekend!

37 weeks!!  3/25/2011

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