Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stomach bug!

It only took two weeks at daycare before Ryland came down with his first illness.  Wednesday I noticed that Ryland's BM's were very watery and clear (i.e. not normal).  By the next day he was back to normal BMs...OK, not too bad I thought.  Then Thursday after work Ryland wasn't keeping down any of his feedings!  Unfortunately for the hubby, he was the one usually holding Rylander when he'd throw up.  Let me tell you an entire bottle coming back up is shocking.  Not to mention he choked up some green bile.  :(  After several outfit changes for daddy and baby and another failed feeding we went to bed.  That night Ryland slept 8 hours straight.  I figured he would have woken up hungry several times as he really hadn't eaten anything, but I guess he was just really worn out from it all.  :(  Friday morning we called the Dr after he threw up his 7am feeding and had an appointment set up for 10am.  He wasn't running a fever, he was acting like his normal self, but he just couldn't keep any food down.  The Dr said a stomach virus was going around that lasted about 24 hours and that could be the culprit.  So we put Ryland on Pedialyte to help with any dehydration and to make him feel better so that he could keep milk down.  He ended up throwing up two more times that afternoon.  Finally after 5pm he seemed to be doing better (24 hr mark).  We fed him 1 oz of milk or Pedialyte every hour from 5-10pm to make sure he wouldn't throw it up.  Poor guy had a rough day, the sad little whimpers he made were heartbreaking.  Finally by 10:45pm he went to sleep.  He slept until 5am and then nursed for 10 mins without any issues, and he was back to having wet diapers!  Funny how checking diapers is the key to knowing if something is wrong or not.  He ate another 2 oz at 7:30am, took a 3 hour nap, and then nursed for a full 28 mins!  I think he's finally back to normal.  :)

Must get this tshirt...

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  1. It is rough seeing them sick!! Yup diapers are the key.