Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st checkup

Friday I had my first pregnancy checkup.  The appointment took a good 2 hours to go through everything - exam, information, giving blood and ultrasound.  I've never given so many vials of blood before!  8 vials total.  The most exciting and last part of my visit was the ultrasound.  I had to chug water for 30 mins because apparently you need a full bladder for the exam and since I had given two urine samples earlier I needed to replenish.  I must say the experience seemed so surreal.  I was just in awe when I finally saw our baby up on the monitor.  I could even see the tiny flicker of light that is the heart beat.  I was so caught up in the image that it took me a second to process what the Dr had been saying.  He confirmed there was only one baby.  Holy Moly!!  Twins hadn't even crossed my mind, even though they do run on both sides of our family.  I had a slight moment of anxiety and then relaxed when I remembered there was only one baby.  The Dr told me everything looked great and that I'm running right on schedule with my dates (7 weeks along).  Then he handed me 2 sonogram pictures and sent me on my way.  I was so glad it was Friday, I was bursting with excitement to show Malek the pictures!  We met up for lunch at Chuy's and marveled over our little rascal.  Later that evening we told our families the wonderful news.

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