Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I think the cravings have started.  No strange food combinations yet (like pickles and ice cream for example), just sudden overwhelming urges to eat random goods.  Of course the question is...are these pregnancy cravings or Typical Tina cravings?  :)

The other day at work a co-worker of mine told me what cakes she was baking for her kids birthdays...and all of a sudden I just HAD TO HAVE CAKE!  I wasn't even hungry, but the feeling stayed with me 3+ hours until I went to grocery store to buy the coveted item.  At first I was going to buy a mix and make it when I got home, but noooooo, I realized I wanted immediate satisfaction.  So pre-made sample cake slices were bought (German Choc cake and Fudge Choc cake).  I ended up eating half of one on the way home in the car with a plastic spoon.  At least I didn't use my fingers...

The next day I needed to buy some AAA batteries for my mp3 player, so back to the store I go.  I really should learn not to make direct eye contact with food.  I hadn't even past the bakery area when I saw a box of crackers.  For some unexplainable reason I just HAD TO HAVE TEDDY GRAHAMS!  So off I went in search of my next unnecessary food item on the cracker aisle.  And just like the cake, I ate handfuls of helpless little teddy bears (honey flavored) on the way home in the car.  :-S

Newest craving?  I think it's Red Vines.  I've been craving red liquorice for 2 days now, but have yet to find them (no go at HEB).  I'll try Wal-Mart next.  And no, Twizzlers will not do, it has to be Red Vines! 

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