Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visited by 3 Dwarfs

Since finding out I was pregnant I’ve been able to look back and recognize some of the signs. It was really the week leading up to taking the test that I realized I had been visited by some Dwarfs.

Sleepy – lately I’ve been more tired than normal, even going to bed before 10pm and wanting naps. Though wanting naps is not unusual ;-).

Grumpy –I seemed to become easily frustrated over the tiniest things (uh oh!), and waking up feeling off and well…grumpy.

And of course, Hungry! – Wait…Hungry’s not a dwarf? Well he should be! I’ve been ravenous in the morning lately and HAVE to eat breakfast (I normally tend to skip this meal…tisk tisk I know). Lunch and dinner are about the same…though I noticed I would get hungry again around 9pm and would find myself snacking on salt and vinegar chips. Yummy! I guess an apple would probably be better for me eh?

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